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  • Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

    Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

    I love the 4th of  July.  I love the flags, the parades, the picnics and the fireworks!  I love going to the flag ceremony and breakfast at our church and then stopping by our little neighborhood’s 4th celebration, where the kids decorate their bikes and have a parade.  Barbeques with friends, watermelon (with seeds…it’s more fun to spit!) and corn-on-the-cob…yum!   But like everything else, holidays seem to sneak up on me.  No matter how hard I try to stay on top of things, they do, they just do.  It seems like, and not that long ago, we eased into the month of June and now we only have one full day left!  Over a month ago I saw the Authentique Glory Collection and thought, “This will be great  for 4th of July cards!”  Know what?  I got three done…yep, only three.  It’s a good thing that red and navy are good colors to have in your stash!  Sorry…my camera is a little off on the navy…or maybe that’s my PhotoShop skills!  It helps to break up the monotony of my more “girlie” palates.  Banners are a good addition for any birthday card, and the red/white/blue palate is yet another reason to celebrate. What would the 4th be without a few stars and stripes? And the season would not be complete without a rocket bursting…right off the card! Here’s to a slower schedule and more time

  • Paradise, Little Yellow Bicycle Style

    Paradise, Little Yellow Bicycle Style

    At CHA this January, I wandered into the Little Yellow Bicycle booth and caught a glimpse of their new line, Paradise…loved it!  Then I got my hands on some…love it even more!   Love the colors, love the texture and I really love the flower.  It is always fun to have new product to play with, and I love the embellishments that are part of the Paradise line-up.  I know how to make a pleated flower from scratch, but it is so easy to make one using LYB Paper Flower Kit, like the one  on the above card.  I also really like the embossed stickers, especially the words that are great to use on cards and layouts. Then of course, I needed to make my own flower that goes along with the line! I really do love the flower! There are some really cute chipboard die-cuts that I have around here somewhere, but I am getting ready for a scrapbooking garage sale and I seem to have misplaced them.  I have layouts that are almost done…will post those another day!  

  • A Little Project

    Nov 2, 11 • Helen • Cards, Ribbon Roses, Scrapbooking, The Twinery1 CommentRead More »
    A Little Project

    A little project...bring it on! Or maybe it would be better to say "just do it!"

  • The Halloween Project

    The Halloween Project

    I took a fun Halloween Album is soooooo cute!

  • Mini Monday with Fancy Pants

    May 9, 11 • Helen • Cards, Fancy Pants, Mini Monday, ScrapbookingNo CommentsRead More »
    Mini Monday with Fancy Pants

    It is a given: Mini pads of paper work great for cards.  The smaller patterns and size lend themselves to smaller projects.  Besides, if I am going to cut up a whole 12″ X 12″ sheet of paper to make a card, which is difficult for me to do, I’d better plan on making a bunch of them.  However…technically speaking, I don’t have a problem cutting up a 12″ X 12″ sheet to put a small piece of it on a layout…doesn’t make any sense at all.  Good news!  You can use mini paper pads on layouts!        Today I have chosen to work with a line from Fancy Pants…it’s the little things by Lili.  I tend to being more of a minimalist when it comes to using patterned paper on most of my projects anyway, and I don’t mind to use the 6X6 sheets at all.  Although I am using more of the monochromatic sheets on the “April Showers” layout, there is plenty of color in the pad, as you can see in this card…     Another Mini Monday has come and almost gone.  I’d like to do more cards, but now I must go and play with my new microwave.  First things first!  Have a good one!

  • In Honor of National Scrapbook Day…

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    In Honor of National Scrapbook Day…

    I used to be my own little world sort of way!

  • Back To The Dark Ages

    Back To The Dark Ages

    Life is tough without a working microwave...just ask my kids!

  • I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

    I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

    My random winning of the October Afternoon drawing brought this to my door! Hooray!

  • Scanner Troubles

    Mar 28, 11 • Helen • Cards, Graphic 45, ScrapbookingNo CommentsRead More »
    Scanner Troubles

    Spring is here...hopefully to stay until summertime!

  • Don’t Be Disappointed

    Don’t Be Disappointed

    I've been home for almost a week from CHA...hard to believe what a difference a week makes!

Home...where you can always find warm words on a cold day.

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