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  • Back To The Dark Ages

    Back To The Dark Ages

    Life is tough without a working microwave...just ask my kids!

  • The Envelope Please…

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    The Envelope Please…

    …and the winner is: Shannan Davies!  Congratulations!  Please send me a private message via Facebook with your address and I will get the package on its way to you! Speaking of envelopes…I have to admit it – I didn’t watch the Academy Awards this year…at all.  I usually don’t tune in until the very end of the show most years anyway, but this year I TOTALLY blew it off.  It is rare that I have ever even seen half the movies.  This time, I had actually gone to the theater for two – Toy Story 3 and Inception (both of which I loved, for very different reasons) and Megan got The Social Network from Netflix, so I watched it before she sent it back…I liked it okay.  Time is in too high demand to spend it (and the exorbitant price of a ticket) watching a movie that I will very likely be disappointed in.  I was anxious for Toy Story 3 and resistant to Inception (I don’t always like DiCaprio) but forced myself to go on a date – I am sure that it was at the bargain matinee ticket price – and I was pleasantly surprised at how it kept me guessing.  To me, one criteria for “good movie” status comes if there can be animated conversation about it afterwards.  Regardless, the Academy Awards hasn’t held my attention for quite some time. So…speaking

  • Don’t Be Disappointed

    Don’t Be Disappointed

    I've been home for almost a week from CHA...hard to believe what a difference a week makes!

Home...where you can always find warm words on a cold day.

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