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  • Cupcakes From Mummy Dearest

    Oct 16, 11 • Helen • Baking, Cupcakes, Halloween, Holidays, Sweet Treats1 CommentRead More »
    Cupcakes From Mummy Dearest

    Time for some Halloween cupcakes!

  • Streamlined Cupcakes

    Apr 27, 11 • Helen • Baking, Cupcakes, Desserts, Recipes, Sweet TreatsNo CommentsRead More »
    Streamlined Cupcakes

    This has got to be my favorite new kitchen tool...if you can call it a tool!

  • The Flowers are Back

    Jul 21, 10 • Helen • Arts and Crafts, Paper Art Flowers6 CommentsRead More »
    The Flowers are Back

      And I’m going to show you how to make them.  I have been promising this for ages, but the truth is that I have had and CONTINUE to have…technical difficulties!  This video tutorial is far from perfect, but it will have to do for now! For anyone that I have showed before, I have reduced the count from 16 papers to 12…it’s a little less bulky, but beautiful still.  If you want a super full flower, keep to 16 papers! Here are a few more flowers/views.  I will show more steps for variations in the next few days!      Isn’t the variegated color wonderful?  I love how spraying the two shades of color over each other makes such a spectacular hue. This last flower was made from yellow baking cup liners and sprayed after constructed and “fluffed”.  I love this, too!   I have to say it once again…I love these flowers!  Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.  I’d love to hear from you!

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