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  • Olive & Cream Cheese Dip

    Jan 15, 13 • Helen • AppetizersNo CommentsRead More »
    Olive & Cream Cheese Dip

    Years ago, when I was still having babies and subsequently, baby showers thrown for me, a friend included something on the menu that I quickly fell in love with – Olive & Cream Cheese Dip!   I had never thought about combining the two ingredients.  This was originally served with croissants…yummy…but Ritz Crackers are just as delicious and I always have those on hand.   All you need is: 1 – 12 oz tub Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese 1 – 4.25 oz can Early California Chopped Olives  In a small mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese and olives; mix well. Keep chilled until serving. The great thing about this dip is that it only takes a couple of minutes to make, I always have the ingredients on hand and it is easy to put together when I need to come up with something last minute.  May also be served with fresh vegetables.  If you like black olives, this tasty dip is sure to hit the spot!

  • Cannellini Bean Dip

    Oct 5, 12 • Helen • Appetizers, RecipesNo CommentsRead More »
    Cannellini Bean Dip

    I was at a friend’s house a couple of weeks ago for a meeting, and Amy graciously served us lunch.  Food is always better when someone else does all the work, but this lunch was so delicious that I asked for all the recipes…just to spread the deliciousness around!  We had some toasted pita chips with this yummy bean dip, similar in flavor and texture to humus.  It was so good and simple to make that we decided to make it for a women’s conference (of 200 women) that was coming up at the end of September…and I made 6 double batches!  I will, however, just give you the smaller-sized recipe – technically, I could only do a double recipe batch at a time…it’s all my Cuisinart food processor would hold! Cannellini Beans, also known as white kidney beans, are high in protein, low in fat and a great source of fiber.  I spotted some cans at my local grocery store for $1.69 per can, but because I was making such a large batch, I shopped around and found them at my Walmart (not a super store) and there were 2 brands of cannellini beans – one was 92¢ and the Great Value label was only 68¢.  I am not picky about my canned beans…I opened one of each of the cans, tried a bean from each and couldn’t tell the difference.  After all, I was

  • Chopped Pizza – Rhodes Guest Blog Post!

    Oct 3, 12 • Helen • Appetizers, Baking, Recipes, RhodesNo CommentsRead More »
    Chopped Pizza – Rhodes Guest Blog Post!

    Along with the changing color of autumn leaves comes the anticipation of cooler weather…and my favorite seasons for baking!  Those days haven’t quite arrived here in San Diego, but I anxiously await a good excuse to heat up the house.  For those of you blessed with something other than our “horrid” San Diego climate, the time is now and this is a great recipe to add to your “fresh-out-of-the-oven” arsenal! Time again for a guest post over at the Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Blog with this fun recipe for Chopped Pizza.  No red sauce, which is great for some kids, but what I really liked about it was that it makes a no-mess pizza bread that is delicious served fresh, easy to re-warm and yummy served cold!  Go check out the step-by-steps and make some tonight for dinner…and extra for lunch tomorrow!

  • Loaded Baked Potato Dip

    Sep 1, 12 • Helen • Appetizers, Featured6 CommentsRead More »
    Loaded Baked Potato Dip

    Baked potatoes are one of my favorite quick and easy cold weather meals, but when it's too hot to eat hot food, what's a girl to do

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