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  • Thirteen Days of Halloween Countdown

    Thirteen Days of Halloween Countdown

    When kids are away at college or on a mission, you can let them know you're thinking about them with a special Halloween care package!

  • I “Heart” Corner Bookmarks

    I “Heart” Corner Bookmarks

    Cute and easy to make, heart corner bookmarks are perfect for anyone that "loves to read"!

  • Pink Lemonade Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies

    Pink Lemonade Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies

    It's quick and easy to whip up these pretty and tasty Valentine's Day Pink Lemonade Sprinkles Cake Mix Cookies! Great for sharing!

  • Valentine’s Day Oreo-Stuffed Brownies

    Valentine’s Day Oreo-Stuffed Brownies

    Adding "hugs and kisses" to your favorite brownie recipe, with an Oreo surprise inside is sure to win the heart of your favorite Valentine!

  • Chunky Valentine’s Day Cards

    Chunky Valentine’s Day Cards

    Chunky hand-made Valentine's Day cards are a fun way to share your talents with those you love!

  • I “Heart” Valentine’s Day Jell-O Cookies

    I “Heart” Valentine’s Day Jell-O Cookies

    A new take on favorite recipe - put a little "heart" into your Jell-O cookies!

  • I *Heart* Carrots and Peas – Making Heart-shaped Carrot Slices

    Jan 13, 13 • Helen • Featured, Tutorials, Valentine's Day1 CommentRead More »
    I *Heart* Carrots and Peas – Making Heart-shaped Carrot Slices

    Making heart-shaped carrot slices takes just a few extra minutes, but makes such a cute addition to your home-cooked vegetables!

  • Merry Christmas Jell-O Cookies

    Merry Christmas Jell-O Cookies

    Make your Jell-O Cookies merry, just in time for you Christmas cookie plates!

  • Typo Christmas Cards

    Dec 6, 12 • Helen • Baker's Twine, Cards, Christmas, HolidaysNo CommentsRead More »
    Typo Christmas Cards

    It’s the 6th day of December…Christmas time and that means I’ve got to get busy on my cards – I’m seriously behind schedule!  There are always oodles of new Christmas papers, but I have been trying to cut back on my hoard of paper, while still trying to keep current with the styles.  All things trend and Christmas is no stranger to change.  But for this season, I’m going to try to keep it simple.  In my last post, I talked about a cute store that we found at the mall – Typo.  There were lots of great things that we found for gifts, but one of our favorite finds was a small tin of 50 mini Christmas-themed polaroids in a “Message In A Box”.  The vintage-style photos all create a bit of nostalgia.  I just love the little faded photos!  The pictures aren’t complicated, so I kept the sentiments simple. I also kept the embellishments to a minimum: baker’s twine, buttons, red clothespins and old dictionary pages accentuate the photos without overwhelming the clean lines. A few small dots of glue, with glitter sprinkled on top, gives the illusion of falling “flakes” to the snowy scene. Inking the edges with black StazOn distresses and adds definition.  I stapled the photos before I added the foam mounting tape to the back – the staples are just for looks – I don’t like the look of

  • Typo

    Nov 24, 12 • Helen • ChristmasNo CommentsRead More »

    typo [tahy-poh] noun, plural ty-pos. Informal . 1. a typographical error; misprint  2. cute Australian concept stationery store For someone who has spent the last decade acquiring a broad expanse of scrapbooking and paper art supplies, the introduction to this cute little store in the Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, should not have brought such delight.  But with the coming of Christmas, I broke my normal rule of staying away from malls.  I didn’t go to shop but to see what fun fashion color trends and pattern combinations are available for the season.  When what to my wonder eyes should appear but a miniature corner store…okay, I’d better stop before I hurt my brain trying to carry on with that theme!  But a great find, nonetheless! The walls of the store are lined with journals and fun spiral-bound notebooks, knickknacks, stationary, cards and office supplies.  For the holidays, there are decorations, small trees, wrapping paper, ribbons and twines.   I didn’t take a bunch of pictures inside the store…I always feel kinda funny about doing that without getting permission.  But what a fun time we had window shopping!  Lots of great products (although there were a few items that needed to be censored because of the verbal content!) that offered some great inspiration and embellishment.  If you get one in your area, go check it out.  If you aren’t so lucky and you want to see their “stuff”, check out

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