Michael, the Hun…Hunny!

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A few weeks ago, Mike was in a play with the San Diego Unified School District's Honor Drama program…I probably am not technically correct on that description.  Anyway, it was a district wide project, with kids from around San Diego and was held at La Jolla High.  The show I attended was February 18, 2010.Finale-1He really was in his element for this part.  I didn't get a ton of good pictures, mostly because this wasn't our school venue and I wasn't privy to the backstage access I've had before, but he was really great in the part and I managed to get a few shots that show how spectacular his costume was.Mike-and-minions-3
Spectacular and HOT!  Anyone that knows Mike KNOWS he overheats in a tee shirt and shorts doing nothing!  There were so many layers and including the fake fur robe…it was brutal. 

He survived and I never heard him complain…much!  The show was fun and Mike did an excellent characterization with a pretty good French…yes, I said French accent.

Two of his "minions" were Megan and Emily, from UCHS.  They were both in Frankenstein with Mike, but this was definitely a more "up" role!

 Mike-and-minions-2He even got to keep his beard for the role.  He's the only HS kid I know that can grow such a full one!  I am glad that he is currently on a more "clean shaved" kick.  It has to be cooler!  Especially when you have a polar bear on your head.Megan-and-Mike

Here is Mike with his biggest fan…Henry!

Great job, Mike, and the rest of the players!

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