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I have been wanting to post some scrapbook layouts, but I think I need to spend  a lot of time on the text in the post…oh well!  No one really cares what I have to say, right?  It's all in the pictures, huh!?!

Actually, I usually have a lot to say, but it's a time issue.  I'm not the best with time management, but I love to scrapbook and sometimes it's easier to say it with pictures.  It's one of my favorite creative outlets and I can't seem to give it up.  I know that some of my friends would much rather read, but for me…it's all about color and color makes me happy – either observing it, mixing it or combining colors to form pleasing palates.

These colors were perfect for the colors in the photo, which was of my little friend Henry, at my daughter and son-in-law's (Christie and Matt) wedding open house.  The photo was taken by Alison Beachem!

I really love subtle patterns that can mix and mingle with each other to make a bright, cheerful page.


Everything about this layout compliments the cupcakes in the photo.   Believe it or not, the cupcakes came first!

This picture really takes me back!  Mike is graduating in a couple of  weeks, Tom is turning 16 at the end of the week, Heather is in college and everyone  else is BIG and playing football.  I love this picture and I miss being around these kids.

The papers are all Pinecone Press!

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