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  • Technicolor Deviled Eggs

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    Technicolor Deviled Eggs

    Updated information at the end of the post…in answer to a comment! If you are a “board member” on Pinterest, you know the feeling of panic you can get if you restrain yourself or you are not able to visit that site frequently.  With me, I’m afraid that I am going to miss the next best thing to dyeing doilies…and guess what?  I was fortunate enough not to miss this brilliant, literally BRILLIANT idea a while ago.  Granted, I think this is more of an Easter-ish idea, but with St. Patrick’s Day (ie. leprechauns, pot’o’gold, green things and rainbows) I decided to try my hand at this fun concept.  You can see the original post here. To begin with, I’ve been having trouble with hard boiling eggs recently.  I go for ages without making them, and I somehow forget how to do them without the grey ring around the yolk.  I know that is from over-cooking, but I do not remember how long I’m supposed to cook them.  Sometimes I get busy and forget to set the timer or don’t get them in the cold water soon enough/long enough.  So when I saw another pin on Pinterest about how to boil an egg, I added it right to my board.  Here is THAT original link. It came down to this: Put your eggs in a pot and cover the eggs with cold water, plus about an

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