On Getting Old…

Jan 16, 10 • Life, Valentine's Day4 Comments

I got a haircut 2 days ago.  I told Kimberly to cut it so the gray showed…there's a lot of it, but it still tries to hide under the color on top.  I have never, ever colored my hair – my Mom told me, when I was a little girl, that women paid big bucks to try and get my color…strawberry blond or Titian, a color that the artist Titian frequently used in his paintings.  Strawberry blond doesn't sound quite accurate because my hair really isn't the color of strawberries.  Anyway, I am a good girl and have always listened to my Mom…besides, it's easier if I have someone to blame!  So Kimberly took a lot off – it's cute and I'm getting used to it being shorter:)  But you still can't see much of the gray.  I am getting old, but you can't tell much from my hair color unless you happen to catch a glimpse of the underside. 

What I have realized is that my eyebrows have a disproportionate amount of white in them.  My eyes aren't as strong as they used to be, so I have moved up the "off the rack, reading glasses strengths" to a 200.  I have been having trouble to see my brows in order to pluck them.  Now I don't know if they'll come back in with color or without color to them.  I have previously committed to never penciling in my brows, but I might have to re-think this one.

Then there's the wrinkles.  Worse than the wrinkles, there's the bags under the eyes.  If someone had told me, when I was much younger, that if I didn't get enough sleep I'd keep a set of carry-ons under my eyes, I would have tried harder.  Too late.  I also determined that I would never have cosmetic plastic surgery, so I'm stuck with the bags because it doesn't matter how much sleep I get, unlike the luggage on a plane, they aren't going anywhere.

Now there's the feet.  I have always had trouble with shoes because I have wide, flat feet.  I'm not going to do orthopedic shoes until I retire, and that's a long time away.  So, for now, I'll have to be happy with Crocs, Converse and flip flops.  And maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get away with the occasion slippers.

So what does one do to not feel so old?  Hang out with older people that don't hide their gray, with painted on eyebrows, wearing shoes that look sensible…actually then I'll just feel comfortably at home with my future contemporaries.

Until then, I'll just make more Valentine cards!  You can visit my Etsy account to see what is available…if you'd like!


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4 Responses to On Getting Old…

  1. Helen says:

    You’re so cute! You don’t need a eye or brow lift. Just get plenty of sleep – there’s still hope for you!

  2. Diane says:

    I have far more gray than you. Maybe if you cut your hair as short as mine we could see more. I am having fun with the going gray thing. We’ll see how long it lasts.
    I would totally consider an eye or brow lift. It’s on my list.
    I love your hair color and your creativity.

  3. Helen says:

    I don’t care about being gray…it’s the tired feet that I don’t like:)

  4. Debby says:

    Your haircut is cute. Hang out with me, you won’t look so gray compared to me!

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