I Like to Think of Us as…Community Organizers

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This term…community organizer…has taken on a less than desirable meaning in the recent past, the same way that many phrases or symbols, when borrowed for a cause, become identified as something that divides rather than unites.  Today we gathered as a community within a larger community, for many great clean-up projects throughout the state.  The one I am sharing is in our own little corner of the world.

The University City 1st Ward joined today as Mormon Helping Hands to clean up the Coastal Sage Habitat Interpretive Trail in Rose Canyon.  This walking trail is quite familiar to our family, as Tom did his Eagle Scout Project there a few years ago.  Because of the recent rains, the trail had become quite over-grown with intrusive foliage that was smothering the native plants.  So we went to task to clear the overgrowth.

The morning started a little after 8:00am with a continental breakfast, after which the workers were given instruction on what their tasks for the day would be.  The activities committee was right on task with the organization.One-of-these-things-doesn't-belong Ken F., Kiersten K., Will, John, Ruth and Zoe…one of these things is not like the other?!?!

All sizes and ages of helpers were welcome!

Brothers-h-and-wBrothers Hymas and Wood. 
That's a big frond for your size girl, Haylee! 

The Relief Society was out in force and Don was digging ditches – not his normal routine, for sure!


This is just the kind of thing Ranger Janice doesn't like to see…a Christmas tree in May!  They are so much prettier when they are green and not as tinder for wildfires…good job Mike!

Leave it to a Boy Scout to munch on the vegetation…hmmmm, tastes just like licorice!  I didn't think Cameron liked his greens.

The West's were just a little wild with those tools, but I was sharing little Graham, so everyone was safe!

Jenny and Tammy played Queen of the Hill for a minute, and kept the trimmings coming for the rest of the crew.

Sherri K. was fierce with her rake.

Scott's mantra was "No time for food…just keep whacking, just keep whacking…" so as to keep ahead of the clean-up crew.


This really was a big project, but the 35+ people that showed up made a huge difference!

I never saw Monique when she wasn't carrying a big load!

Even Jonathan carried his share!


The sister missionaries, Sister Poulsen and Sister Thornley, joined the group to add their support.

Two of the younger helpers, Sydney and John, worked hard to keep the path cleared from the trimmings, with a smile all the while!

I love those pink work gloves, Haylee!

Some shied away from the camera…Thomas!

Big Mike showed the younger boys how to safely use the tools…

And Michael K. showed the trail who was boss!

The hungry helping hands helped themselves to: cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, bagels, fresh fruit and yummy Butterbraid!

Helping Grandpa hands kept Will and John sticky hands and faces clean…

and Vern…just keep hauling, just keep hauling, just keep hauling!

Rumor is that Jake's shoes are going on his mission with him…

But he'll have to leave his Urkel impression behind!  (His letter is on the way!)

Ruth G. was on top of the dumpster loading, which was good because I couldn't even decide which shoes to wear!

Warren went all the way to the end of the trail…


and Will worked hard on the bridge.

My apologies to Craig Y. and his friends Robert and Scott – they worked in an area unaccessible to ladies carrying sleeping babies.  They attacked the big palm tree…I hear the palm tree survived:)

I didn't get a "before" picture, but at the end of our time, the end of Governor looked wonderful!


We were treated, before we left, to see a blue-belly lizard and a bird nesting.  That was a real treat since we were prepared to run away screaming from snakes in the brush!

It was HUGE and really cool!

So, I hope I didn't miss anyone – it wasn't intentional.  I hope you like seeing yourself.  A big thank-you to everyone that made this community organization clean-up day a great success!  Same time, same place…next year?  It's a date!  



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