Mama Naylor’s Thai-Sweet-Sticky-Rice-with-Mangos-and-Coconut-Sauce-Experiment

Aug 18, 10 • Recipes1 Comment

Big title…big experiment.  Who would have thought that it could be such a time-consuming project?  It all started in April with our Relief Society Thai cooking class with Kay.  Then I went shopping at the Asian market and bought a bunch of stuff – everything except for the bamboo rice steamer that is not absolutely required, but best for authentic sticky rice…I needed one to make it work.  I couldn't find the steamer at any of the local markets and when I would ask, no one seemed to know what I was talking about.  Blah!!!  Enter one pretty savvy, Internet searching husband who loves the challenge of finding something someone is searching for – I got just what I was looking for as a late Mother's Day present!  Then it took me a while to use it.  The first recipe was pretty good, except my coconut sauce took on the consistency of soft-set jello.  Not what I would consider a sauce.  However, the rice wasn't as sweet as what I had tried before at the cooking class.  So I added a little more sugar.  Don't remember how much:)

The second recipe was entirely different.  Length of time to soak the rice, way more sugar and it was made in the microwave.  (Just try looking on the Internet for sweet sticky rice recipes.)  I wish there was just one!  I used the recipe, just not the method of cooking.  This one, the rice was okay, the sauce, although not coagulated, was awful…too salty.   I had to re-heat the sauce and add more sugar and coconut milk.  Maybe we just have a sweet tooth, but when a recipe is called "sweet sticky rice", the family expects sweet.

So I tried again tonight.  A lot better, but still not perfect.  It will get there.  I have faith!  It was yummy enough for me to keep working on it and tasty enough to keep my little guinea pigs eating it up.  One day it will be perfect…then I'll share the recipe with you!  For now, I'm going to go eat some of this delicious Thai sweet sticky rice with mangos and coconut sauce…Naylor style!


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One Response to Mama Naylor’s Thai-Sweet-Sticky-Rice-with-Mangos-and-Coconut-Sauce-Experiment

  1. Megan N. says:

    I have to say that the first experiment was the yummiest and that you should just make that again. Even if the sauce was a little thick it was still yummy!

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