I’m Just Not Doing it Right!

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I have always been a frugal shopper…or at least I thought so!  I hardly ever buy anything at the store full price.  I watch for deals, stock up on things I use a lot of and REALLY stock up on super deals, especially things that I find at the 99 cents only store.  I must admit – I'm just a little addicted to making daily trips there. I go through withdrawals – almost – and have to force myself not to go.  I'm afraid that I will miss one of those extraordinary deals if I stay away. 

I used to be good at clipping coupons, but then we stopped getting the paper delivered so it depended on whether we thought about getting the "bull dog" (Saturday evening) edition or happened across a newspaper stand/box that still had issues left on Sunday.  I don't often remember to pick one up on Saturday.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to be a successful super coupon shopper and I currently don't have much of either.

My husband found this article and forwarded it to me.  I think that he expects me to do better…at least better than I do now!  I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge!  Take for example the boxes of Jello reference…I don't think that I would use up 1,142 in 10 years, even though they were free, although it would probably last that long!  This article is only available for 7 days (I guess) after I post…I think.  Anyway, I thought I was doing good.  Then I am reminded of the conquests of others and must admit – I'm not worthy to be called a super shopper!

Here are a few of my favorite 99cents only store finds:99cents-store-finds
If these were regular-sized, these would be good deals, but the Ragu is 66oz., the mayo is 2 quarts and to give you an idea…that Nantucket Blend of Back to Nature was on the shelf at Ralph's for $7.79, so all these for a dollar each are pretty good deals!  I got the potted flowers there, too!  Oh, and something else.  EK Success has been getting rid of discontinued product at the 99 cents only store, so there are lots of K & Company, Sticko, and such on the stationery aisles.  Not that I need any more scrapbooking stuff, but it doesn't hurt to check and see what's available!

I spoke with some ladies on Saturday that actually don't like grocery shopping.  But with deals like these, I can not only afford to shop for my regular weekly needs, but a little extra pantry storage as well.  It can be quite an adrenalin rush.  I may have to reconsider about that Jello!

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