Lemon Jell-O Gem Cookies

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Lemon Jello Gem Cookies 7

Earlier this week, I posted my experiment with coloring chunky sugar and sprinkles.  That was a really fun project!  But what is the application for using these bright-colored chunks of sugar?  Here’s the scoop, in the form of my ever-popular Jell-O cookies, straight from Just Helen’s test kitchen…Lemon Jell-O Gem Cookies!  Yellow was the perfect background color to show off these little gems!  These Lemon Jell-O Gem Cookies would be a stunning addition for any princess (who could resist these sparkly tidbits?) or pirate party – little bits of treasure, however you stack it!

Rainbow Sugars 2 -Just Helen

Having colored all that beautiful sugar, I was looking for a treat to add these to.  I was at breakfast with friends in a planning meeting and in passing I had mentioned something about Jell-O cookies and my friend had never tried one before.  I know, how is this possible?  I’m always in the mood for Jell-O cookies so this was the perfect time to make them…when I have someone to share them with!  I took a heaping Tablespoon of each of the colors and mixed them together.  If you haven’t made them before, you can find the Jell-O cookie recipe can be found here.  You can find how to make the sugar here.  You can enjoy pictures of the cookies here!

Lemon Jello Gem Cookies Plate

Lemon Jello Gem Cookies 4 - Just Helen

Rainbow Sugars - Just Helen

Aren’t these Lemon Jell-O Gem Cookies beautiful!

Lemon Jello Gem Cookies

A couple of  tips:  Don’t over-bake these cookies…the bottoms will scorch if you bake them too long, especially at 400°.  You also don’t need to roll the cookie in the chunky colored sugar, just sprinkle it on top.  This time I used some of the sanding sugar to roll them in the first time around.  I liked that.

Lemon Jello Cookies With Colored Chunky Sugar 2 - Just Helen

Sweet!  Next time I’ll do something with the self-colored sprinkles!

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