Front Porch Pumpkins

Oct 9, 12 • Halloween2 Comments


It has been a busy October and we still haven’t gotten up into the attic to get down Halloween decorations.  The only decorating that has been done is with those few items that got missed when we put away Halloween LAST year!  But because we are feeling the need to have a splash of those fall colors, we decided that we could “make the pathway bright” and fill our doorway with pumpkin cheer!

You all know that I love my Everything99cents store – yet another reason!  Last Saturday they had pumpkins out front!  That’s right, a big box of pumpkins for just a dollar!  We got the tiny pumpkins from the grocery store and they were less than a dollar, but the bigger ones?  Yep…a dollar!  When you can get them that inexpensive, I don’t mind sacrificing one.  Measure the approximate height of the pot that will go inside – figure that the wall of the pumpkin will be at least 1″ to 1 1/2″ thick, so choose your pumpkin carefully –  then chop off the top and remove the seeds.  Your pumpkin pot is now ready to put a pot of posies (also just a dollar) right inside.  Easy peasy and cheap!

Mixing it up a bit, the little white pumpkin had the perfect stem to attach a sparkly bow on top!

It’s a process…but such a fun one.  Now I don’t feel quite so bad about not having decorated yet.  We’ll get there, probably this weekend, but until then…it’s beginning to feel a bit like Halloween!

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2 Responses to Front Porch Pumpkins

  1. Michelle says:

    I love purple and orange together for Halloween! This is something I feel like I could do! THanks Helen!

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