Christmas Tag Time

Years ago, I fell in love with tags…all sizes, shapes and colors.  I was so excited to find a new shade.  It only took me a few years to realize that I could make my own tags…sometimes I’m a slow learner.  I think it stemmed from the fact that if the tags already had string in them, nine times out of ten, I would remove the string!  I am kind of a hoarder to all sorts of scrapbook/office/hobby things, and when I actually decided to make my own, it made one less thing for me to collect since I already had the paper.

So to start off December, I decided to make some tags.  I made a bunch and they are super easy (remember my “easy” theme from yesterday?) and now I will be ready when I finally get some of that October Afternoon Christmas line “Holiday Style” from my neighborhood scrapbook store.  Until then, I found a darling project to make me happy.  But the basics first.

Determine the size you want the tags to be.  I made two different sizes today: 3″ X 4 1/4″ and 3″ X 5″.  One makes better use of an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of paper, the other was solely for the added height.  I’m always torn in the economical vs. preference department.

You will need two different sizes of circle punches – I used the green Paper Shaper (I think its about 3/16″) and the 5/8″.  It isn’t critical which sizes you use, just depends on the look you like.

I used scraps of the cut paper to make the circles.  I inked them with Tim Holtz’s Antique Linen Distress Ink to make them just slightly darker than the tag.  I put a little repositionable Dotto on the back side of the circle to hold in on the tag.

You can measure in you are a perfectionist, but I just eyeball it.

Next, make a small pencil (not pen) mark in the center of the circle.

Next, take your smaller paper punch, hold it upside-down and center that pencil mark in the punch (you will see the dot) and punch.

If you use a good, heavy-weight cardstock, you are now ready to put ribbon or baker’s twine through the hole and it will be sturdy enough to pull without pulling all the way through…disclaimer:  It is POSSIBLE to pull it through if you are rough enough, but gentle tugging won’t hurt it.

Now, if you want more of the look of a traditional tag, you can trim the corners.

If you want to get the corners to measure the same, a quick, no-measure trick I use is to cut 2 tags at the same time.  Once you cut the first set of corners, just flip the top one sideways and you can use the already cut corner as a guide…just two flips and you’re done.

Now for the cute project.  I found the idea in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts issue.

This issue is full of projects I would like to try.  But the one on Page 85 caught my attention.  Here is my take on it.  If you have doilies and a jar of old shirt buttons, you should be just about set!

Three steps of doily tree
Step one: cut a triangle piece of the doily – I tried to keep some symetry with the scallops.  Put a little of the repositionable Dotto on the tag to hold the doily in place…don’t try to add the Dotto to the doily…they are too fragile!  Step 2: stitch a swag pattern across the doily; on the last swag, work some trunk into it if you like.  You can eyeball this, too.  Step 3: use some super tacky glue to attach buttons to the tree.  Add a little baker’s twine or ribbon and you are done!

How cute are these?  So many possibilities!


Oh…that little semi-translucent orb that the one is standing up in?  Crate and Barrel for $1.25 and they come in a turquoise and lime green!  Doesn’t it just get the creative juices flowing?  Sweet, romantic, whimsical or elegant.  Perfect for just a simple, elegant touch.  Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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