Man of the Hour…The Children’s Hour

Nov 5, 11 • Family Stuff1 Comment

Friday night was the last performance of “The Children’s Hour”, a production from the UCHS Drama Department.  My son, Tom, had the lead…and only… male role!  I had no idea until I walked in the theater lobby and saw this.

Yes sirree, he wore the pants in this production…literally.

The Children’s Hour is a 1934’s stageplay written by Lillian Hellman.  The story takes place at an all-girl boarding school, run by two friends, Karen and Martha.  When a trouble-making student (Mary) feigns illness and wants to leave the school to return to live with her grandmother, Amelia Tilford (who dotes on her), Mary accuses Karen and Martha as being lovers, and this accusation ruins the reputation of the school and the lives of the women, as well as a broken engagement between Karen and Dr. Joe (Tom).  The play ends with a suicide and many lives destroyed as the result of one young girl’s lies and gossip.  In 1961, a screenplay brought the story to the movie theater, with Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine and James Garner.

The play was very intense, as was the acting.  Everyone did an amazing job.  While not my favorite genre of theater (give me some Brigadoon, Oklahoma or West Side Story any day), it was very well done.  I was proud of my Tom, surrounded by a bunch of young ladies.

So here are a few more pictures, some taken by me and some by Megan.  I think I will head to bed and try and take advantage of the extra hour sleep we get tonight.

Now off to sleep, blessed sleep!  Time to rest my head on my pillow and recharge my battery for tomorrow!

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  1. diane says:

    This was some heavy drama. It was very well acted and I can’t stop thinking about the message. Like you, I prefer a light hearted musical but this play was very thought provoking. Tom did a wonderful job as handsome, sensitive yet strong leading man.

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