Hitting the Rhodes for Halloween

Fall is finally here!  The drop in temperature signals it is once again safe to go back to the kitchen…and resume baking!   San Diego is not the hottest of climates even during the summer, but turning on the oven and heating up the whole kitchen makes it a little uncomfortable, so I avoid it as much as possible until the weather cools down a bit.  Yesterday was really warm, but overnight it turned cold enough to need a jacket and it rained on and off all day.  Heating up the kitchen actually sounds like a good idea!

Two years ago I found this recipe on the Rhodes Frozen Bread company’s website – Wicked Witch Dippers.  I made mine out of the Multi-Grain Rolls, and they turned out like this:

I still need a little practice, but not bad for my first time.  Getting the hang of working with the dough defrosted, but still cold is key to success.  I know that you would love to make some of these for your favorite ghouls and boys. 

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2 Responses to Hitting the Rhodes for Halloween

  1. Jenna D says:

    Last halloween I made “grave yard” corn chowder from this super cute halloween kids book. It was soo good and perfect for this time of year!

  2. Jess Green says:

    Love Rhodes, Love Halloween, Love the fingers and LOVE YOU Helen!!!

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