Making The List, Checking it Twice

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Last week, I mentioned that I was going to be working on my new school year's resolutions.  I talked about being getting organized and making better use of my time…I didn't go into any specifics, but in order to have a goal, I think I'd better get specific.  So here's what I would like to do…

Cooking With Food Storage:  If I am going to buy it, I'd better practice cooking it, so when I do, they will like to eat it.  I figure if I do it every week, that would be wonderful…not necessarily practical.  I'm going to do this in baby steps!  So maybe something new every two weeks.  I am going to include gathering and rotating into this schedule.

Organizing the Home:  I have cupboards that serve only as storage and haven't been cleaned out for years!  There are things that you don't use often, but still want to keep.  But if you never use it, maybe it's time to part with it.  If I attack a bank of drawers, re-lining the pots and pans cupboards, refilling the water storage (in the back of the cupboards) and re-evaluating what's in the closets, one smaller project at a time, I think I can find joy in small successes.

Organizing the Work Room:  Here in is where I really want to focus the most, at least my secular energies.  I have one monster project ahead of me!  But in order to have enough clear space for me to be creative, I need to get rid of a lot.  That garage sale is coming!  Once it goes downstairs, it's not coming back up.  What ever isn't sold is going to some worthy cause.  Once I determine it can leave the workroom, I know I can let it go forever.*  I've been "addicted" to watching Hoarders and I can see how things get out of hand.  My heart is so saddened to see families and lives damaged by mess.  I am determined to not let my passion for scrapbooking (and the stuff that goes for it) run, or ruin my life.

Explore Different Mediums:  I used to quilt, but have problems with my hands going to sleep when I get to the hand quilting part.  But I have a great collection of wonderful fabric and would like to utilize it.  I think it can be accomplished with a little help from my friends!

Some may think this is an ambitious list; others are already at this level and wonder where I've been.  It's hard to find balance in life – to find the time to work on a lot of projects at the same time.  But this is all about me, right?  Setting goals are a personal thing.  It doesn't work as well when someone else sets the goals for you or when you try and pattern your goals after someone else's.  It has to be at my speed.  With my responsibilities as Relief Society President, I have to be flexible.  But now that I seem to be able to manage at least my daytime hours, manage them I will.  I'll keep you posted.

*Disclaimer:  If you borrow it from me, or I take it out of the house for a class does not mean I'm parting with it permanently!!!  Nice try, but no cigar…or maybe I should say – no Diet Coke!

ALSO!!!  I was going to take some pictures, but I've starting the organizing and I've buried my camera…in this workroom somewhere!


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