The Eagle has Landed…Eagle Project, That Is!

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We worked on another Eagle project today.  This was for Sam R., and I would like to term this a “death-bed” project…Sam turns 18 tomorrow and has to have his book in by 2pm…or else!  We’ve been after him for a while, but then he decided to get it done and HE DID IT!  Maybe I should say after he gets his write-up done, it will be done.  Anyway, we’re happy that he did it and that we can help.  It’s fun to watch the boys working hard for each other…even if sometimes it’s more like hardly working:)  But we had a good turn out and supported each other, but especially Sam.

Here are a few pictures that I took of the project!

The boys had to haul a lot of heavy materials down the hill, like bags of concrete and re-bar…

Sam was in charge, of course, but the boys know the drill.  We’ve done a bunch of Eagle projects over the last 3 years.

The day began with a little sugar, in the form of donuts.  These workers can work up a sweat, so lots of water is on hand.

Trenches were dug to hold the retaining wall boards.

Paige and Brother Clawson, hard at work.


Scout Master Naylor

Sparks were flying as Scott trimmed down the old supports.

Cameron was ready with the re-bar.

Mike with the tool and Cameron and little Sam watching how to do it.

Tom pounds the re-bar into place.

This is a really cool gazebo, but I don’t know if everyone knows about it.  It needs some work…could be a candidate for a future Eagle project!  Maybe fix the top and add some benches…

Sam looking out over his project…posing for the camera, of course!

Tom was sad.  This was his favorite pair of work jeans!  They ripped worse, but we did what any Scout would do in the same situation…

Be prepared with a little duct tape.

The Sander’s gang where working hard…

even Brother Sanders!

I don’t think the path was part of the project, but we did it anyway and it looked great when it was done…even if only until a strong breeze added to the fallen leaves!

There were lots of dogs and their owners walking down the path, and their presence chased this squirrel up a tree.

Yes…I even worked!  I’m not only good for taking the pictures!

The posts were installed, ready for the cable to go between them…in the morning:)

Almost all the four food groups here…corn, dairy, spices…who needs protein?

The path, all smoothly raked out!  Good job, Sam!

It seems like there would never be an end to wheelbarrows full of dirt…but then there was a last, final load…DONE!  Max, Cameron and Michael K. bring the wheelbarrow back up the hill.

And now it’s time to rest and go home.  It’s fun working with these boys!  Lucky me!

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