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When I got up this morning, I felt one step ahead because I made the lunch sandwiches the night before.  Ha!  We were still late for Seminary.  My morning prayers (usually said while waiting in the car during Seminary) were delayed a bit because I had decided to ponder BEFORE I prayed, wondering what the day would bring and the tasks that might be ahead.  When I ponder, my mind seems to go a little bit of EVERYWHERE!  Who I needed to call, what I was going to do with all those fabulous Early Bird (Cosmo Cricket) fat quarters, the laundry that needed to be done…I know.  That doesn't sound much like pondering, more like making a mental list.  As I watched the morning sky begin to transform from our San Diego overcast gray to shades of blue, the clouds formed a hand that seemed to beckon me to come…where?  I don't know.  But then the breeze blew the clouds away, the hand was gone, and the day soon fell into one of normalcy, what ever that means.

We made our perfunctory excursion to the Everything 99.99Cents store a little before 9am.  There are actually days when we go in and buy absolutely NADA, nothing!  But today we spent $23 and left with a load, including some good-sized califlower, Tollhouse cookie dough and Juicy Juice.  I really am okay with that additional percentage of a penny that they tacked onto the original "99cents", but they aren't fooling me!  It's still a dollar.  Which is what I call it anyway - the Dollar Store.  Technically not, but I would have to spend, what?  Before the additional percentage I could get 101 items for $99.99.  Now I only get 100 items for the same price.  Oh well, it is still my favorite place to go shopping for good deals.  I'm sure that perhaps, one day, another store will come along that might change this, but until then…I'll be loyal!

But then comes the challenge…getting the refrigerated stuff into the frig when we get home.  That is my main complaint with "good deal" shopping – putting it away when we get home!  I can't remember the last time I cleaned out the frig!  I've done it for others (yes, Cynthia…I'm finally doing my own!) but it's just one of those things I put off forever.  I think that my post yesterday was the impetus for making me "Git-R-Done!" as Larry, the cable guy would say.  Although it's not finished and there's still the freezer to tackle, but I think it's time for a break.  I also cleaned my sink and looking at my sink mat made me cringe, so I think I'll go shopping instead…for a new sink mat…and maybe some ketchup at Walmart (thanks for the heads up, Jess)…and maybe I'll stop by my friend's to see her new kitchen…

Here's that something shiny to distract me from getting back to my real project that I want to get done…my workroom!  I should really be working on that task today.  Nevermind.  As long as the day isn't over, there's still hope!  I think it should be a fend-for-yourself-from-the-shiny-clean-frig-night!  Then I can work on my office in peace!  Did I mention I bought a big head of cabbage on my shopping excursion?  No?  Boiled cabbage sounds really good to me for my dinner – everyone else?  You're on your own!

Update!  Got a new sink mat…dish drainer, too!  But I didn't find it at Walmart – the ketchup wasn't the good deal Jess had called about.  So I had to go to Target – success!  And while I was there, I bought another one of my cracker jars for storage…in my workroom.  I stopped at Von's, but was distracted by the bright "shiny" windows at Bath and Body Works and found a yummy new scent, Lemon Vanilla.  Have I ever mentioned that I have been avoiding BBW because I have SO much stuff already?  But this new scent makes me HAPPY and CHEERFUL!  Who doesn't need to be happy and cheerful?  BUT….I don't buy anything at BBW at full price.  I'm too cheap…coupon-only, wait a little while for it to go on sale.  Megan said that she had a coupon!  At home…too bad – we can go out a little later tonight when I need another break.  But back at home, starting to work, Megan comes to my door with a sad face…expired coupon! Drats!  I will be brave and wait…or visit the BBW shop next time I go to Von's, and maybe try it one more time, just to make sure that I like it.  Sounds like a plan to me!

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