Welcoming Spring from a Paper Addict’s POV

Spring is here!  Bouquets of flowers are always welcome at my house, but if a trip to the store is not in my time schedule or budget, I'll just make a few of my own!  Not that I need spring as an excuse for making flowers!  They're never as wonderful as the real thing, mostly because they have no fragrance and I'm not as patient with the intricacies, but I sure love making them.

Bachelor Buttons 
These sweet little flowers remind me of Bachelor Buttons.  Making one layer is great for scrapbooking or card making, but for a more dimensional project, making two and putting them back to back will do the trick.  The first couple took a while to make, working out the steps, but once that was mastered, just a few minutes will do.  You can get the directions here.

Bachelor Buttons 2
Bachelor Buttons close-up
Just imagine how cute these would look on a card or a scrapbook page…okay, if I didn't have to bake for the Senior Bake Sale, clean house, prepare for a wedding, 3 baptisms and a reception, not to mention out-of-town company, maybe I'd do that right now.  As it stands, I'll just have to wait until next week…oh wait!  Next week I'm working on cleaning my workroom.  Great!  It will be summer before I get back to these!  Well, we shall see! 

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