Alphabet Soup

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I love alphabets…big ones, little ones, cursive, typewriter, bold, epoxy, chipboard, stickers…I love the element that stickers add to paper projects.  Unfortunately, I am always running out of certain letters.  It just happens.  This is my solution.  Anyone can do their own, but I like working on them in Adobe Illustrator because I can adjust size and change the fonts easily.  You can make them in any basic word processing program, but if you'd like it to be easy, you can download them and print them.  Try one, and if you like them, print them on different colors of cardstock.  It makes for a cheap filler for missing letters, or just use them all by themselves.


For storage, I cut them vertically in half, eyeballing where the best middle is.  Then I cut them, with scissors, in between the different rows.  This way you can easily cut off the letters you need when you need them.  Don't worry about keeping the sides totally straight.  I like them random!

Here is a card that I made with the letters.

Sometimes I like to mix up the upper and lower case letters in other than the grammatically correct pattern!  Have fun and if you like them, let me know and maybe I'll make more for you to download and use! 

Download alphabet.pdf (1738.1K)

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One Response to Alphabet Soup

  1. Diane says:

    Like them…I love them. You make the cutest cards! It puts my store bought Christmas cards to shame.

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