Scripture Sunday #2

Oct 11, 09 • Scripture Sunday1 Comment

We had a busy day yesterday.  We actually CLEANED the house.  Scott and I operated tag team style, and with all the kids out of the house, it was much easier to clean.  Having made our weekly trip to Costco on Friday night, all the groceries got put away before the morning cleaning.  We traditionally go on Saturday…that’s when they have most of the samples out – you get to try all those things that look so yummy before you just purchase them.  But have you ever noticed how long it takes to shop there, get gas, get home and then put everything away?  To make it even better, Friday is so much quieter than Saturday.  No problem fighting to get a parking spot or the crowds of crazed shoppers.  Shopping there on Saturday just seems to take half the day.  Anyway, without that to add to our weekend to-do list, we did some major cleaning and after we were done, we went to visit some friends and I came home with some delicious cookies…Monique, they were incredible! 


All Saturday morning I was humming that Primary song, “Saturday is a special day, it’s the day we get ready for Sunday.  We clean the house and we shop at the stores, so we won’t have to work until Monday.”  I was remembering my children when they were little and a lot of memories came flooding back.  Cute things they would say or do.  One particular one came to mind, probably because we got the Halloween bins down to decorate on Monday.


When Christie was little, probably about 4 or 5, she was memorizing a scripture to recite in Primary during Sharing Time.  We practiced it over and over until she had it down pat.  It was Matthew 5:16 which read:


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


Christie knit her brow, thought for a minute and asked this most profound question:  Mom, why are there witches (which is) in heaven?


Gotta love ‘em!  As much as I love that scripture, I can’t help but think of my little daughter’s interpretation whenever I hear it!



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  1. Diane says:

    So it’s a Halloween scripture. I remember her singing show tunes at the age of 4. Amazing.

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