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Primitively speaking, of course!  Meet one of my friends, Ms. Pumpkinhead.  Dangling from her fine, fuzzy witch hat is the inspiration to my Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  I have mentioned before my old friends that I bring out at the holidays, and this is one of them.  Her grin reminds me its time to smile.

Here are some more of my old friends…

This is Pretty Miss Witchie Poo

Above is Raggedy Witchie and Pumpkin Angel

A pumpkin turned into a witch!

And a favorite early art piece by Mike!

Have you noticed that the candy industry is constantly coming up with new and delicious treat?  I remember when Hershey's started adding flavors, not just nuts, to their Kisses.  That was fun!  We especially loved the peppermint ones at Christmas.  When I was at Walmart picking up some costume elements for Mike's creature character for the school play "Frankenstein", I was looking for the traditional candy corn for my pumpkin candy jar when I came across a  yummy newbie…Caramel Apple Candy Corn!  Made by Brach's/Milk-Maid, this little treat weighs in at 140 calories for about 22 pieces.  As tasty as they are, I could easily stop at 8 pieces, so that means that I can enjoy their yumminess for about 50 calories!  What a deal!

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