Bucket of Cake Pops

Happy New Year Cake Pop Bouquet 

I have heard, albeit in a somewhat politically disparaging way, that one should never let a crisis go to waste.  I have, in my own creative realm, decided that I will not let a good project (ie, recipe, paper art, helpful hint, etc.) go to waste.  So when “Sister Friendly” (that’s me!) was trying to decide on what treat she was going to take to the Primary children yesterday, only one obstatical came my way…how do I display over 30 cake pops?  They are just too cute to hide in a brown paper bag! 

I love finding colorful containers, especially when they’re on sale!  This bucket, along with a lavendar striped one, came from Bath and Body Works.  It measures 4 1/2″  in diameter on the bottom and 6 1/4″ across the top.  This is a bit bigger than the ones you find in the dollar bins at Target, and the broader base helps to stabilize it.  Galvinized buckets can also be found, so I’m sure you can find something similar.  Here’s how I do it!

Empty Bucket

Take  your empty bucket and put a wad of packing or tissue paper in the bottom.  I wouldn’t use newspaper because it might make your sticks dirty from the newsprint ink.  This will keep the sticks going straight down and they won’t slide around. 

Bucket With First Layer Of Packing

Start lining up the first row of cake pops.  Keep them down, close to the top of the bucket and make sure to keep the twistie tie tails to the inside so you don’t have random silver tails coming out of the bouquet.  I used the twisties to close up the packaging on the cake pops for the kids because I thought it would be easier for them to open than the ribbon I usually tie the cake pops up with…easier and quicker, too!

First Row Cake Pops Tails Tucked

Keep the cake pops as tight as you can.

First Row Cake Pops 2

Add another row of cake pops, but rest these more on the tissue paper than trying to keep them along the side.  You may need to cross the sticks, resting the pops on the first row.

Second Row Cake Pop Bouquet

You might want to add a little more tissue paper to keep the pops from sinking down into the middle.  Finish adding cake pops to the center of the bouquet.  I only had 34 pops in this bouquet, but it would have easily held 36…that would have been even better for filling the bouquet.

Cake Pops In A Bucket

Color always makes me happy!  The colorful bucket, the sprinkles…everything about it makes me smile!  Since I’m such a fan of cake pops, I’m sure that I’ll be searching for more unique ways of displaying them.  Have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cake Pop Bouquet 3


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