Howdy Doody, Miss Caroline!

I brought home some of My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline, the Howdy Doody collection, from CHA a couple of months ago.  I have been dying to  play with the line, but have been distracted by other projects that, once completed, served another purpose…like the Technicolor Deviled Eggs (for the boy’s Risk party), Jello Cookies (for a fireside) and the Cake Batter Krispie Treats (for a school bake sale).  I can always use cards, but I’ve gotten quite a stash right now, so I was putting it off.  Cards are about the only thing that I have room to make right now.  But when I realized that I had found one of the fonts that My Mind’s Eye used on the packaging and for the embellishments, I couldn’t resist playing any longer!  Don’t worry…I’ll share!

Again, I am revisiting the 6″ X 6″ patterned paper pad…my favorite for making cards!  I really loved the Howdy Doody line, partly because of the warm color, but mostly because of this…


 I do believe that this was my favorite patterned paper at the whole show!  Please, don’t anyone take offense – there were dozens of collections that I will be more than happy to play with.  But this one was especially appealing.  Who can explain what makes you love a design?  I don’t know for sure.  Maybe it’s the flowers, maybe it’s the colors…whatever it is, this is so visually appealing to me!

 So…if you’ve noticed that some of sentiments look familiar, it’s because they are like the “miss caroline” on the packaging.  So I decided to make my own little sentiments using that font.  Isn’t this a cute font?

I was so happy to recognize the font!


You can go to Type Depot to download Matilde for free!  Inside the file (that you have to unzip), there are the little bubbles/borders (EPS files) that you can also use.  I have both Illustrator and Photoshop, and I’m not sure how to do it without them…anyway, I made up a Matilde Sentiments and Bubbles 2  for you to download…free, of course!  I printed up the file and used some of the sentiments on the cards.  Here is what one looks like cut out:

The colors feel warm and summery! 

Some of my favorite cards are very simple in design…

This is what the Matilde Sentiments and Bubbles look like –

Another card with the sentiments…

 You will notice that I haven’t used much of my favorite paper…don’t worry – I will!  Tomorrow I will post the other half of the cards I made.  It was fun to play with – definitely worth the wait!

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One Response to Howdy Doody, Miss Caroline!

  1. Sharon Hammon says:

    Amazingly beautiful cards made by an amazing, beautiful, creative woman. You are such an inspiration, Helen. Please send some of your energy and creativity my way….I could really use it right about now! Hugs!

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