Died and Gone to Sprinkles Heaven!

It’s true…after I discovered the Cake Batter Krispie Treat recipe, I have been on the hunt for good deals on candy sprinkles so that I will always have them on hand.  Just this afternoon I found some pretty, springy sprinkles at the 99centsonly store – about 1.7 oz for just under a dollar.  Good deal, right?  I thought so, too…that is until Megan bought me a box of these…

Yep…a whole 10 pound box of the prettiest candy sprinkles EVER for just $15.99 for the whole box – Costco Business.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I feel an urge for some Cake Batter Krispie Treats!

It could just be the beginning of a quest for desserts with sprinkles included.  Who needs a ticket for Mega Millions when you have a box of these!  I am the luckiest girl around!  Thanks, Megan!

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One Response to Died and Gone to Sprinkles Heaven!

  1. Megan says:

    Anytime Mom! You deserve all the sprinkles in the world!

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