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The day has a way of getting away from me.  I start the morning with good intentions and a plan.  Somehow, the plan changes, as does the list that needs to get done.  Then something good comes into the mix and I am more than willing to let that “shiny thing” distract me from my goal.  What I have to do is constantly re-evaluate my goals…maybe I need to develop a more successful method of formulating my plans in the first place!  But I have the feeling that this time of flexibility in my life is short-lived, so perhaps I should enjoy it while it lasts.

After a morning and afternoon of distractions (thank you, Seija), I took to “fluffing” the tree…that tedious process of taking the branches of an artificial Christmas tree that has been crammed into a box for 11 months and making it not look so artificial.  I think the older the tree gets, the harder it is to make that happen.  But I still love the fact that I can put ornaments, no matter how heavy, on any branch of the tree.

And so we are getting there.  It should be done by tomorrow…just in time for another distraction.  But this year I will allow myself to be distracted.  When I first started unpacking the ornaments, sudden waves of tears would appear and then just as quickly subside.  I’m not sure why, but seeing my collection helped to keep me from being so sad.  Instead, I am trying to remember when these little “friends” came into the family; what year, which came first and the story behind each.  I’ve known some of these longer than some of my children!  Bringing them out brings back many happy memories.  Scott always tried to please me and he was on the hunt for another unique Santa to add to my collection.  I will always remember the time spent and the love with which they were gifted to me.

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