A Banana, A Cupcake and Burnt Toast

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Once I got back from my wonderful weekend, it was necessary for me to examine the condition of the fresh (or not so fresh) foods in my kitchen.  This was the first time that I had left the boys in charge of themselves for four whole days, so I made sure to leave them plenty of food.  Looking over my counter, I came across the untouched bananas I left for them to eat.  The bananas were just barely getting ripe when I left and ugly when I got back.  I hate it when food goes to waste…okay, to waist, too…but the reality I have to face is whether I might actually get around to making banana bread or muffins or something that calls for over-ripe, smooshed banana before the fruit flies move in and it turns to liquid on the counter – I know this because it has happened to bananas on my kitchen counter far too many times. 

My options were this:  hope I might get around to baking, toss them right away or…or…or to try and eat one.  Not my favorite thing, over-ripe bananas.  They are so wonderful when they are just at the peak of ripeness.   But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.  I could try it and then if it were yucky, I could toss it.  Then again, maybe I could make it a little more palatable if I added something else to my plate…enter a cupcake and some cinnamon raisin toast. 


Okay…it turns out that the gauge on the toaster had gotten all the way to the right and it came out a little less than, shall we say…okay?  What a wonderful breakfast I had ahead of me.  At least there was one thing to look forward to.  There is something to be said for those yummy “whisper word” red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles!  I know…not the best choice for someone trying to watch those calories.  It would, however, be a shame to let a free cupcake go to waste – wait…it’s going to waist for sure!

It turns out that the banana was delicious, so was the cupcake.  And about that raisin bread, or should I say, slice of charcoal…one bite and it went the way of my trash can.  At least I didn’t have to count those calories!  I should have only planned on the two items anyway.  I will do better in the banana department next time…I promise!

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