Time for a Change

Oct 23, 11 • Being Prepared, Sweet Treats5 Comments

When I was a little girl, I remember loving Neapolitan ice cream…I loved being able to have all three flavors at once.  It seems to me that was my favorite “regular” flavor…that may be a confabulation (thanks for the big word, Brock), but I’m pretty sure this is not a false memory.  When we would travel to Corona Del Mar to go to the beach, we stopped by an ice cream place along the way and my very most favorite flavor there was Pistachio.  It was sooooo good!  We didn’t get there very often, but it was something to look forward to.

When I went to BYU, I got a job at Baskin-Robbins.  Let me just say that it changed my life!  My next favorite new flavor depended on what was in the rotation.  When Coconut Almond Fudge was around, I was in hog heaven.  I was still always in the mood for the Pistachio Almond, but I was always willing to try something new.  I ate a lot of ice cream when I worked for Baskin-Robbins that year…and it was the skinniest time in my life!  I don’t remember eating much else, though.

So throughout the years, I have fluctuated with my ice cream purchases.  Sometimes I would buy what the whole family would like…Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, Ice Cream Sandwich, Medieval Madness or even Vanilla…possibly French or Vanilla Bean.  But on occasion I would buy something like Pistachio because no one else liked it and I could guarentee that there might actually be some around when I was in the mood for ice cream.  But then Lizzie tried it and liked it…it lost it’s uniqueness and it was no longer “safe”.  When you have 8 people eating ice cream, a half gallon doesn’t go very far…and that is when it used to be a full half gallon, not these 1.75 or even smaller 1.5 quart containers. 

In the summer there is a Mango Passion-fruit that I love.  I cut up mangoes and put them on the bottom of the bowl and on top of the ice cream as well.  But I haven’t seen that for a while, so there is now a new favorite flavor in my life.  I was tempted to try it because of the Salty Caramel cupcake from Sprinkles.  It is called French Salted Caramel – it is caramel ice cream with chocolaty coated salted caramels and caramel swirls.  The only part I am not fond of is the chocolaty coated salted caramel, so this new favorite will most likely be temporary. 

My life is pretty complicated right now, at least many aspects of it are.  Sometimes I get up in the morning and wonder if I will make any progress that day.  I have learned to be happy even when it is baby step progress that I make.  But on this big choice – which ice cream to buy – I think I am fairly safe to say that which flavor of ice cream I buy isn’t going to have a consequence in the grand scheme of things, so on this decision I can be a little daring!  The change will do me good.  Unless I choose the other option – not to buy any ice cream at all –  which is probably the wisest choice yet!

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5 Responses to Time for a Change

  1. Helen says:

    That sounds really good,too. I think I need to use up some of the stuff in my freezer so I can make room for ice cream pies.

  2. diane says:

    The salted caramel sounds divine. I made whopper ice cream pie yesterday with an oreo crust. mmmmmm

  3. terri naylor says:

    OH my gosh Helen I NEED to go get some of that ice cream now!!!!!!!!

  4. Helen says:

    If I thought it would entice you over more often, I would have one just for you…waiting! However, it would be a shame for it to get any freezer burn waiting for a visit:) Let me know when you’re coming by next, ready for dessert, and I will get a pint just for us to share.

  5. Liz says:

    I resent that you don’t want to share your Pistachio Almond ice cream with little ol’ me ;0P but it sure is scrumptious!!!!!

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