Ode To A Scorpion

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Forget it.  I liked the sound of an ode, and not being well versed in such a formal poetic form of writing, I looked up how to write one and I can tell you right now that a formal Greek ode is not coming out of this sunburned, sun-baked brain tonight!  So let's just pretend that I know what I'm doing and we'll call it an ode in title only.

Ode To A Scorpion

Oh, great and frightening scorpion,

Wondrous and unique in thy creation!

Little did you suspect when you crawled up the leg of  that mysterious mortal

That you would travel on an odyssey to a faraway destination

That would become your home,

Your final resting place,

A mere shell of the predatory arthropod

That you once were,

That made us fear you so

Until the invading ants

Finished you off.

A sad demise

For something that glows

So beautifully in the dark.

This came home with Scott on a Scout trip.  It was about 4 inches long.  One morning we found a trail of ants leading to his cage.  All that was left was the outer skeletal remains.  We were all very sad about it's demise.  We aren't sure if it died and the ants were just cleaning up or if the ants killed it first, then ate it. 

It was an amazing creature to observe and we will miss it.


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