It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Peanuts Halloween CarolsMy Halloween would not be complete without waiting and watching with Linus as he prepares to greet the Great Pumpkin in his most sincere pumpkin patch.  I can’t remember a year gone by since the show first aired on October 27, 1966.  Unlike the olden days, when I would look forward to it’s yearly arrival with great anticipation, I no longer have to wait to enjoy the reunion of the Peanuts gang as they celebrate Halloween…I have it on DVD! 

Where would a true Halloween enthusiast be without a little music?  Enter “The Peanuts Book of Pumpkin Carols”.

Part of what I was looking for in my secretary yesterday was this fine book of Halloween carols – Peanuts-style!  I think that somewhere I have an actual booklet of them.  If I remember correctly, the  book was die-cut around the pumpkin and leaves.  It may have even had more pages and songs.  If I find it, I will add to the post.  If this is a false memory, I apologize in advance.  But this is a fun activity that if you prepare with your children early enough, they might actually have a trick if the question is posed to them when they go out Halloween night.

Here are the pages, big enough to read the text!

Page 2 
Page 3 
Page 4 
Page 5 
Page 6 
If you would like a page with just the words – because printing them like above would be a very expensive waste of ink, here are the words on a single page:  Download – Peanuts Halloween Carols.

Heck, who needs to wait for Halloween?  When you start making some of those tricky treats, you can share the treats and a song with your neighbors!  Happy Haunting!

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