Footloose Deja Vu

 A friend sent me a text message this afternoon and asked me if I would like to go to a sneak preview of the recently re-made movie “Footloose”. She had gotten the tickets from her daughter, who got them from a friend, who won them on the radio. I was just a little hesitant because I loved the original so much and have watched it recently. I even have the music on CD in my car…love it! But there are times when the re-dos are not up to the standards of the original. After viewing the movie, I can say it was as good as the first…with an updated feel to it. And I love the music remix!

 First,there are very few differences in the script. I missed the scene where the two cars were drag racing.  But a majority of the movie had the same lines as the first – not in a bad way…kind of like visiting an old friend.  There were strong visual icons, like: Ren’s VW Bug; Ariel’s red boots; blowing confetti at the dance…its all there- the dance steps, the “mad” dance in the warehouse. Yep, its pretty much the script. All I have to say is if you liked the first “Footloose”, you are sure to like this one…however, if you go looking for Kevin Bacon, you’re out of luck.  But the new guy sure isn’t hard on the eyes!

*Just as a note,  I am having trouble with my desktop, so I am blogging on my iPad and having problems with pictures.  I would send you to the Footloose website, but everytime I go there it gives me trouble, so if you try and have trouble…its the website!

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