Almost A Perfect Murphy’s Law Week

Oct 12, 11 • Family Stuff, Halloween, LifeNo Comments

At least so far!  Nothing is seeming to go how I want, or need it to go.  One good thing…no ants inside for days.  I’m kind bummed. I know, right…what?  Well, a friend brought over a new ant trap, which I observed working really well outside on Saturday, but I have been waiting to find a trail so that I can try it some more…inside.  But I haven’t seen any for a few days now.  I should be playing the “Glad Game”, but no…I’m complaining because I know that if they are gone for the winter, they will be back in the spring.

While we have all been making a valiant attempt at cleaning, we are not decorated for Halloween.  Maybe I should forget cleaning and leave the cobwebs up for a little while longer.  Our biggest problem is that we still seem to be sorting for more garage sale stuff, and what I really need to do is just get it out of the house and into the garage for now.  I want the mess gone and the fun projects to begin.  Megan keeps coming home with great ideas to try, but that takes some serious time, which I haven’t had or wrangled from my almost completely overwhelming list of things to do.  I keep reminding myself “baby steps” but I’m ready to make the “one giant leap for mankind” at this house.

Last night I was having trouble with my computer.  Still am.  I certainly don’t need that to break.  I hope that I  just need to “dust it”, but there is no time for that today.  I am using Megan’s laptop because I can’t do anything but HTML on typepad on my iPad.  Don’t know why, but I haven’t figured it out so that will also have to wait.  I’m just glad that I started this “blog a day” project at this particular time.  However, I am glad that there’s a working laptop in the house.

Tomorrow…I’m shooting for tomorrow when I won’t have such a busy schedule.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day that we finish cleaning and get the decorating done.  But if not tomorrow, then Friday for sure.  I need something traditional in my life and maybe something new or even adventurous. Like maybe visiting a sincere pumpkin patch…



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