Frozen Yogurt Treats and a Summer Giveaway

Aug 16, 11 • Sweet Treats15 Comments

The word “summer” invites a flood of visual images: kids splashing in a pool, lazy days at the beach, picnics at the park, fireworks and the 4th of July. For moms of young kids, its fighting off the “I’m bored” syndrome.  Now that my youngest two are almost all grown, I no longer have to deal with that – Mike and Tom both have a driver’s license and have wheels to get them off to adventures of their own making.  But just because I don’t have little ones – and my boys at home are anything but little –  doesn’t mean that I am not always searching for wholesome treats for my big kids…and if we’re quick, there might be some leftover for the girls in the house!

Using the awesome little push pop containers, I filled them with different kinds of yogurt and fresh fruit.  I really love the Greek vanilla yogurt, but I enjoyed the color of the flavored yogurts…yes, color is always important!  The fresh fruit plays a big part of the mix and you can include whatever fruits your kids like best.  The best thing about these?  Portion control!

So I think that a summer giveaway is in order, especially since it will be over before we know it!  Here’s what is in the package:  I have three (3) bags of push-pop containers, with the pieces for twelve (12) complete push pop containers in each bag…that’s 48 pieces.  All you have to do it leave me a comment as to what YOU would like to do with them…I love ideas!  You will have until midnight Friday, August 19th, 2011 to post your comment.  Saturday morning, when I wake up, I will draw three random names and I will include the names of the winners on that morning’s post. 

After they arrive at your abode, I would really love it if you would share the ideas you come up with, with pictures if you have them!  Now that I’ve taken pictures mine, they’re ready to eat!  Frozen yogurt anyone?


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15 Responses to Frozen Yogurt Treats and a Summer Giveaway

  1. Helen says:

    I can’t wait for it to warm up a little more so I can get the push pop containers out again…won’t have to wait long in San Diego! Oh, and it works for pudding, too!

  2. Joseph Carr says:

    It looks so delicious in the pictures, and I’m sure it would taste even more so in real life. Frozen yogurt is, indeed, the perfect treat during the summer. They’re healthy and tasty! =)

  3. Corbin says:

    I remember my mom using something like these to make us push pops when I was a kid. These bring back so many childhood summer memories of playing outside in the back yard, and running inside for a cold treat. Push pops were always my favorite.

  4. Paige Mange says:

    Homemade fred flinestone-esque popscicles. Or smoothie in ice cycle form…..perfect San Diego breakfaset.

  5. Helen says:

    That sounds really good…I wonder where you got the ingredients from…

  6. Dont’ know if I’m allowed to enter either, but in my defense, we don’t even live in the same State. I would do the pudding pops and try your cute yogurt pops too. I wonder if they would work to have fresh fruit and lemonade or limeade? Chunky popsicles. Sounds good on a day that’s 95 like it was here today…..

  7. Jenni Naylor says:

    Brynn and I made homemade smores ice cream today. That would be really good as a push pop. 🙂

  8. Helen says:

    Of course you can use mine! Isn’t that how it ALMOST always goes at home? What’s mine is yours? (But keep your hands off that Basic Gray paper…I’m just reminding you!)
    Please take them from the Ziploc…those are for the general household population:) And if you really love them, I have a personal connection with Santa…he and I are close friends. You might find some under the tree this Christmas.

  9. Helen says:

    I should eat breakfast before I get on the Internet…my tummy is absolutely speaking to me!

  10. Helen says:

    That sounds like the Naked Juice Green Machine…I love that! Sounds delish!

  11. Helen says:

    They are yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmy!

  12. Megan N. says:

    I don’t think that I am allowed to enter your contest, but I can still use some of yours. I want to make a Puddin Pop. I know it would be as good as the real thing, but sounds really yummy to me!

  13. Tonya says:

    This is the best idea ever, as you can tell I’m easily excited. I would use it to drink or should I say “lick” my healthy and yummy spinach, lettuce, beet, apple, and lemon juice concotion that I run through my juicer. It’s already delicious but, would be even better frozen and in this cute little container.

  14. wendy naylor says:

    Pudding pops! layered with pudding and cool whip and frozen of course. Or, mini trifles with cake or brownie and pudding, cool whip, etc. yum!

  15. Jess Green says:

    What a great idea!!! I would have never thought to put yogurt in them. You are the best Helen!!!

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