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  • The Whisper Word of the Day Is…

    Jul 28, 11 • Helen • Sprinkles Cupcakes, Sweet Treats1 CommentRead More »
    The Whisper Word of the Day Is…

    Join Candace Nelson (Sprinkles Cupcake founder) and Orlando Hudson at the La Jolla Sprinkles shop July 28th, from 11am to 1pm, to kick off a fundraiser for CATCH Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the Padres Vanilla cupcakes will go to the foundation. And don't forget to visit the Sprinkles Facebook page and like them so you can start getting the whisper word of the day! If you haven't been before, you are in for a treat!

  • Looking to the Stars

    Jul 27, 11 • Helen • Cards, October Afternoon1 CommentRead More »
    Looking to the Stars

    I have just been itching to get to this little pile of paper I've had sitting in my workroom for a few weeks! For all those of you with little boys, Rocket Age is to die for cute!

  • Two Weeks Ago

    Jul 24, 11 • Helen • Life15 CommentsRead More »
    Two Weeks Ago

    Dear Family and Friends- I know that I haven't posted for a while...most of you know about Scott, but I wanted to let you know a little of what happened. Today, I am doing okay. Tomorrow, I will be back to work. The night before Scott passed, I sent in my paperwork to join up with, a blogging network that will give my blog more exposure. I wouldn't want anyone to think that this is an attempt to "move on", but I do need to "move forward". Please don't think that I am abandoning my grief. Think of it as if I had a regular job (if you know of anyone hiring, let me know!) and that there are bills that will need to be paid. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now. Scott never understood why I loved to blog. He would ask me what I got out of it. I really just loved to do it. It was something that I decided to try on a monthly basis, just in case I didn't stick with it. Now...I think I was being prepared to earn a living, or maybe at least suppliment it. I hope that you have enjoyed coming to my website. If you do, you can continue to support me by clicking through to my website - there will be advertisements on my pages, and the more people that go there, the better my chances for earning a living through my ideas and writing. Thanks to all for your prayers, love and kindnesses. It helps me to continue on. Thank you, thank you, thank you, with all my heart!

  • Did You Know It Was National Sugar Cookie Day?

    Jul 9, 11 • Helen • Baking, Cookies, Desserts, Holidays, Sweet TreatsNo CommentsRead More »
    Did You Know It Was National Sugar Cookie Day?

    Did you realize that today is National Sugar Cookie Day?

  • The Button Bath of Death

    Jul 8, 11 • Helen • A Funny Thing..., Arts and CraftsNo CommentsRead More »
    The Button Bath of Death

    Will Megan ever forgive me?

  • Not Our Ordinary 4th of July

    Jul 4, 11 • Helen • Family Stuff, Holidays, LifeNo CommentsRead More »
    Not Our Ordinary 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July!

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