Meet Me At The Fair…No, Really!

T’was the night before the 2011 San Diego County Fair…and I forgot to take my camera!  I had this great idea to snap a shot of the main walkway…sort of the equivalent of Main Street at Disneyland, but not quite so quaint…without the crowds.  The vendors have been busy displaying their wares, deliveries have been made to the food stalls, the asphalt has been swept and the ice plant trimmed.  The lights of the ferris wheel are sparkling, but not moving.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

(This is from last year…the crowds are present in this photo!) 

Today, our department, Home and Hobby, is all ready…waiting for the hopeful throngs of entrants to come and see if they have won any prizes and how they compare to their competition.  We have prepared for any disappointed customers and we’re ready to praise and share in the winners enthusiasm.  The hard part is done…the items are all judged, displayed and ribboned.  The cases are locked and items secured.  Now all we need is the masses.

Which is where you come in.  If there is anyone out there (in the San Diego area) that has plans on coming to the fair and would like ****four free tickets****, here’s what you need to do: Tell me what your favorite part of the fair is, for instance…the food, the animals, the rides, the entertainment, etc.  Leave your comment below and it will enter you into the drawing.  The deadline for this contest is midnight (Pacific time) Sunday, June 12th, 2011.  I will mail the tickets to the winner Monday morning.

If you missed the deadlines for regular submissions, there are lots of one-day contests to enter.  Go to this page to see what’s available: contests.  I will be at Home and Hobby for all the Saturday contests, plus most of the ones during the weekdays.  I am also doing make and takes on June 14th and the 24th, so if you need to sit a spell, you can drop by for a little while and sit in the cool of the Home and Hobby 2nd floor of the Grandstand, make ribbon flowers and say “hi”.  I will have to get back to you on the exact times.

So if you’re craving fried butter, Snicker bars, or gaming to try something new like fried Kool-aide…if you are anxious to watch the pig races…if you want to try your skills on the Boardwalk – the 2011 Race to the Fair is the place to be!  Maybe I’ll see you there!

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12 Responses to Meet Me At The Fair…No, Really!

  1. Teresa R says:

    My favorite part of the the fair is shopping for new home products, I still use my steam floor mop, makes it so easy to clean floors. Looking for a new broom this year. I also liked the kids pie eating contest, so cute!

  2. Helen says:

    I just might…if not, I will be up early and will just cut off the comments at midnight. I’ll figure something out!

  3. This might sound funny but I love the (free) ride on the double-decker bus that looks old-timey – sitting on the top level open-air at the front, so I can see all the fair as we’re coming up to it…. anticipation! 🙂 I also love seeing the beautiful horses, checking out the art and autos and Elvis, watching the lit-up (or terrified) faces of small kids on the pony ride that goes in tiny circle, and swinging on that amazing swing-set ride that nobody wants to go on with me. 😉 Oh, and hearing the small-stage live music – somehow more intriguing than the big-stage live music. 🙂 The lights dazzle and the food-scents create weird cross-currents in the air, streams of people flow by for me to study a slice of humanity… and there are plenty of teenage couples obviously out on a first date to help me reminisce… priceless! 🙂

  4. Susie says:

    One of my favorite parts of the fair is all the gadgets and kitchen items that I just have to have but hardly ever use 🙂 I also love trying the new, wierd food. I’ve had a deep fried Snickers bar, a hot dog in a zucchini, chocolate bacon etc… I’m excited to see what new fried items they will have this year, which is supposed to include deep fried Oreos. Yummyyyy

  5. Ruth says:

    oh I’d love to go! I’ve never been so I guess my favorite part would be the fact that it is here and the Beach Boys will be there. 😉 We’d only need two tickets.

  6. Rebecca Bennion says:

    are you really going to stay up till midnight to do the drawing????

  7. Rebecca Bennion says:

    Okay, I might be weird but I love to see the pigs (not fair eaters) I had a pet pig and it was my favorite all time pet. I also like watching the hypnotist make fools out of the hapless volunteers. And last but not least, I like to see Home and Hobby and visit my peeps, the mosey on down to see the beautiful gems and masterful handmade wood furniture and other wood creations. I LOVE the fair. Last year I went 8 times. My husband snorts and scoffs at me

  8. Kimberly Black says:

    My favorite part is the animals! I feel like I am back
    on the farm again. That would be fun to win tickets to come see you and show Carter and Elyse the fun animals! 🙂

  9. Helen says:

    Yeah…I liked that one too! But who wouldn’t run really fast for a double-stuff Oreo?

  10. Helen says:

    The chocolate covered bacon was pretty good, but once was enough! I was hoping for the deep fried kool-aid this time…one strange and freakish new food a year!

  11. My favorite part of the fair is trying all the delicious yummy and sometimes strange food. I am really hoping to try chocolate covered bacon this year!

  12. Megan N. says:

    My particular favorite is the pig races. Wearing a plastic snout and cheering the little guys on!! Go Wilbur!!

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