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There is no way you can be prepared for every situation you will find yourself in.  Maybe I should rephrase that – There is no way I can be prepared for every situation I will find myself in…not every single one, especially if I am in a crunch for time, even if I was an organized person…which I am not.  But sometimes I surprise myself. 

Yes, a strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far above those of mortal moms, I am prepared to fight disorganized crime.  I have disguised myself as a mild-mannered mother of six/blogger, Just Helen, to fight the never ending battle for Truth, Justice and yes, The American Way (I am not leaving that part out!). I have developed my super-powers for those times when I will need to rescue the innocent – or sometimes busy – friends and family members who find themselves “up a creek without a paddle”.  While I am not fully involved in the Scouting program, my husband, Scott, is Scout Master over three combined Scout Troops that we have dubbed a “Super Troop”.  He has been trying to get a Court of Honor pulled together to give the boys all the rank advancements, merit badges and awards they have earned, but because of scheduling conflicts, he had pushed it to Sunday, June 12th (yesterday).  Along with my own craziness, sometimes I get sucked into his whirlpool as well.  I knew that a Court of Honor was coming up, but it had escaped my mind until he asked me – yesterday – if the slide show was ready.  While I fully believe in the saying “Your lack of being prepared (or reminding me) does not constitute an emergency on my part”, I can’t bring myself to use it here – not something that a super hero would do.  

This looks like a job for Super Mom!!!  With a mere 10,000 photos to go through from about twenty folders from as many activities, all the while trying to make sure that all the boys and leaders are included, since everyone likes to see silly pictures of themselves, I was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and pull a slide show together.  Did I mention that I also needed to bake cookies?

Super Shopper Mom to the rescue!!!  I just so happened to have purchased oodles (is that a super hero term?) of cookie dough – both Pillsbury and Nestle Toll House – from the everything99cents store.  While I like my own recipes better, these are great when you’re short on time.  So while I baked dozens of cookies, I burned a CD with photos and got to the church a half hour early – no small feat for me!  Super Mom does it again!!!  Too bad I couldn’t stay there.

A projector is required to show the images on the wall in the chapel.  There was a projector in the Bishop’s office, but no Bishop in the building or anyone with keys to his office.  Lucky he lives close by.  Faster than a speeding bullet (35 mph, stopping for red lights and stop signs), I am there and back in 15 minutes, with a few minutes to spare before our scheduled start time.

I sit down, thinking I have a moment to rest when my side-kick, Scott, sits down on the bench in front of me and asks if I “remembered” something for Seija, our fearless advancement/records person, who spends thousands of hours doing the paperwork for an often thankless job.  No, I have not developed that “reading minds” super power as to date.  Nevertheless, with my x-ray vision eyes, I pull out two coveted tickets to the San Diego County Fair (that I just so happened to have in my purse), and with a map to the fairgrounds, I am able to provide the needed thank you gift. 

 After a wonderful (and long) Court of Honor, back to my speeding bullet power, I rushed to the kitchen where I was able to change the course of mighty hungry Scouts until I could get the milk and water poured and the saran wrap off the plates of cookies and brownies (and no, I didn’t bake them all!).  Everyone leaves with enough sugar in their veins to fight off the evil villians that will be lurking in their dreams…or nightmares.

Once we finally arrive at home, I stood at the top of my stairs, mentally reviewing the events of the day, comforted with the outcome, confident that I will be able to avoid the Kryptonite that might be tossed my way as I continue on my quest, whether I am disguised as a mild-mannered mother/blogger or in my Super Mom cape, I stand prepared to continue to fight for Truth, Justice and The American Way…and a rescue every now and then! 


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