And The Winner Of the San Diego Fair Tickets Is…

Jun 13, 11 • Family StuffNo Comments
Susie said

“One of my favorite parts of the fair is all the gadgets and kitchen items that I just have to have but hardly ever use 🙂 I also love trying the new, wierd food. I’ve had a deep fried Snickers bar, a hot dog in a zucchini, chocolate bacon etc… I’m excited to see what new fried items they will have this year, which is supposed to include deep fried Oreos. Yummyyyy!”

I will get those tickets in the mail to you this morning!

Check back later for some content…I want to get the tickets in the mail and since its a day off, I need to go to get my everything99centsonly store fix before I get to work!  Have a great day everyone!  And thanks for your fun comments!  The fair is waiting for you!


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