A Memorial Day Memory

I have been hurrying after a busy day to finish up my projects for my weekly Mini Monday installment.  I was looking for a picture when this folder caught my eye…a Memorial Day many years past.  Mini Monday will have to be postponed until Tuesday or Wednesday this week!

Starting when my boys were in Cub Scouts, Scott would take Mike, Tom and other boys from the troop to the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, the Saturday morning before Memorial Day, to put flags at the graves of the veterans.  It has been a wonderful tradition and the boys take great care to treat the opportunity with reverence and the utmost respect.

The boys were instructed to take a bundle or two of the flags and carefully place the flag 12″ away from the headstone, always making sure that the flag doesn’t touch the ground.

I was also helping place the flags, when I caught a glimpse of the boys saluting the graves of the veterans.

It was a wonderful moment to catch these young boys showing a small token of respect honoring those that were prepared to give their all to secure the rights of their fellow citizens, even if the boys didn’t completely understand how it applies to them in their youth.

These boys have grown and gotten jobs and been replaced by younger Scouts.  Scott took a new group there this year – it is really an amazing experience!

I still remember these boys and it seems like yesterday that they were this size, this age, this cute.  When I close my eyes I can still picture them just like this…

and it makes my soul happy!   It is good to always remember.

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