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  • Look What Just Came in the Mail – White Seam Binding

    Feb 24, 11 • Helen • Arts and Crafts7 CommentsRead More »
    Look What Just Came in the Mail – White Seam Binding

    All you need is some white seam binding and Glimmer Mist in your favorite colors and you can make your own custom color ribbon!

  • Just Helen???

    Feb 22, 11 • Helen • LifeNo CommentsRead More »
    Just Helen???

    So…I was at CHAW (a craft and hobby trade show) last month. I was handing out business/contact cards to people that I knew from ages ago and some I was meeting for the first time. It reads: just helen and included my name, my typepad blogsite, email address and phone number.  It’s what you do at trade shows…make contact with people/companies and “ooo” and “ah” over wonderful new product and tools.  So, I was in the EK booth and ran into Larry, who I have known pretty much since I got involved with the business end of scrapbooking. (When I first worked with and he was with Chatterbox, I would try to sell him banner space for the website.) Anyway, our paths have crossed many times over the years and at least once a year at trade shows. When he read my card, he looked puzzled and asked, “Just Helen? What? Did you get a divorce?”.  Huh???  What the heck was he talking about? Since when do people go around handing out cards at a trade show announcing their changed marital status?  Or maybe they do – but not in my world!   In an industry that sees yearly change in company faces (small companies get sucked up by big corporations, artists change their licensing agreements with vendors, individuals change jobs with competitors, and others partner up to expand their production capabilities) I suppose

  • From My Mind’s Eye – Part Two

    Feb 16, 11 • Helen • Cards, My Mind's EyeNo CommentsRead More »
    From My Mind’s Eye – Part Two

    I fell asleep to Fox News last night…woke up to the gentle sound of rain around 3am!  It wasn’t hard rain, with thunder and lightening…the kind that makes you worry that you, your house or hill will wash away.  Just a pleasant, rhythmic pitter patter that reminds me of the song from Bambi, Little April Shower.  I love that movie and whenever it starts to rain, I’m humming this song – April or not!  I have the second selections of cards that I made from the My Mind’s Eye, Stella and Rose, Mabel collection 6″X6″ pad of double-sided papers and yes, I still have about half the pad left to work with. Card Six –     This was going back to the idea of using every bit of paper.  It is amazing how many cards you can get from a 6″X6″ pad of paper, especially when it’s double-sided! Card Seven –     I copied the flower (sort of) in the background paper to make my own element. Card Eight –     I love using baker’s twine.  I need more colors!  Not really…I don’t need any more stuff.  I do like to make some cards WITHOUT sentiments, but print (or stamp) random sentiments for adding when needed.  Besides, sometimes you need a cute blank card. Card Nine –     I punched a circle and traced it on the ledger paper.  Then I punched

  • From My Mind’s Eye…Part One

    Feb 15, 11 • Helen • My Mind's Eye, Paper Art FlowersNo CommentsRead More »
    From My Mind’s Eye…Part One

    My Mind's Eye has me ready for summer...right before the storms are supposed to hit!

  • The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

    Feb 14, 11 • Helen • Valentine's DayNo CommentsRead More »
    The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

    The best laid plans don't always go as planned, but it's best just to go with the flow.

  • It Feels Like Summer!

    Feb 10, 11 • Helen • Recipes2 CommentsRead More »
    It Feels Like Summer!

    My first blueberry muffins from scratch...about time! And to die for, if I do say so myself!

  • Don’t Be Disappointed

    Don’t Be Disappointed

    I've been home for almost a week from CHA...hard to believe what a difference a week makes!

Home...where you can always find warm words on a cold day.

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