A Slow Go…For Real

Megan actually did hijack my new Christmas present. But that’s okay. I finally got it – my iPad – back and now I’m in control. This is going to be a little harder for typing until I get used to the process. One of the nice things about having this new tool is that learning how to use it will make my ability to blog easier…thank you Jake and Christian!!!  I promise that I will figure things out, maybe with a little help from the manual you left behind.  It’s that “teaching an old dog new tricks” routine again – slowly, but surely!

So here it is, a few days after Christmas and I’ve survived another one. The meals, which were many, were good on the most part.  We’ve gotten some great deals at the dollar store (99cents only store) and are hoping that we can still get in on some good after-Christmas sales since we stayed away from the stores on Sunday, as usual.  I’ve got a gift certificate to Cool Scrapbook stuff from Liz that might just burn a hole in my pocket – and they’re having a big sale right now. Christian cut Christie’s, Matt’s and my hair and highlighted and cut Megan’s…we all look beautimus!

My out-of-town company are all on their way home.  We’ve had a super fun time doing things that we don’t usually do…except for the 99cents only store!  We played a lot of fun games (my favorite was Blokus, but I think that Snorta might grow on me!) There was lots of time for chatting and we even went to the ocean for a quick walk on the beach.  But now, since we have so much besides blogging to do, I will leave you with some parting shots of one of the Christmas presents that will no longer spoil the surprise!

I think I may have found a new obsession!

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