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I have been blessed in my life to know a cornuecopia of outstanding individuals, unique in their own way, but people that have enriched me daily with their goodness.  It’s not that they don’t have struggles of their own, but their personalities and spirit bring such joy to me that I feel the need on occasion to make it official with a hand-written “thank you”.

Thank You Cards 2
Thank You Very Much
Why a hand-written note?  It is a tangible reminder that they can keep and remember back on.  Verbal thanks are important; paper notes can be revisited.  I recently came across a thank-you note from a friend of mine.  Reading the words that she wrote was a pleasant reminder of our friendship and somehow gave me a little lift knowing that I had made a difference in someones life journey, and even though it was a small thing, she had appreciated it enough to put it in writing.

I have so much that I am thankful for.  When it is the service of others that is the object of my need to give thanks, a note is the least I can do to show my appreciation.

So I set about designing some notecards.  I have out-of-town company here, so they couldn’t be fancy.  The typewriter is the focal point, but the sentiments vary slightly: some say “thank you very much”, some “gratitude”, others “you have my undying gratitude” and finally “newsworthy”.  I used an old font to fit the old typewriter stamp from Club Scrap, 2004.  They are all hand-stamped and have a classic, clean look.  I have a problem with just doing what I need right now – I have to do a bunch!  Who knows when I’ll need extra.

Stack Of Cards
Take a minute today – no, don’t put it off – and write someone a thank-you note.  It might be just the thing they need to brighten their day.

Today I am thankful that the sun is out and that the Pacific Ocean is 10 minutes away from home!   I love the beach and I know it won’t be busy because it is, after all, November!!!

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