Don’t Forget to vote…Vote…VOTE!

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I recently read this article:

“If you remember much from your high school history classes about the founding of this country, you know there was a great deal of controversy about what type of government the newly independent states should create.

The first effort, the Articles of Confederation, was generally regarded as a failure. But what should replace them? Each state sent a group of representatives to meet in Philadelphia and hammer out a new agreement. The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended, eager to learn what had been produced behind those closed doors.

As the delegates left the building, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”

With no hesitation, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  Article by Chip Wood, read the full article here.

I don’t get too political…most of the time.  Voting is more important today than anytime in recent history.  Today is not the day to leave it to others.  A single extra vote can make ALL the difference.  I am shocked that they are expecting only a 40% voter turn out.  The country can only be as successful as the policies of the polititians we elect.  So make the effort: go VOTE*!


*Many of you may have heard about the Federal Highway Administration’s new rule to have road signs changed from all caps to upper and lower case letters.  After years of research, they discovered that road signs are more quickly read, especially by senior drivers, in that format.  While there isn’t a technical deadline to have this done by, it is a huge expense to state and local governments when the economy is so bad.  (I wonder how much that research that cost.)  On the Internet, all caps indicate emphasis or shouting.  However you read it, please just do it!  Don’t forget to vote…Vote…VOTE!

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