A Rose By Any Other Name…

Aug 2, 10 • Ribbon Roses, Scrapbooking2 Comments

A fairly slow day today.  Scott and I went to the 99centsonly store, but we didn't find much.  I haven't found much lately, which means something good is just about due.  It works that way…the good deals come to those that wait and visit often.  I don't go as often as I used to before Megan found her new job, but if I have another reason to go up to the Square, I'm definitely going to go early so I don't miss out.  Today's double-duty trip was for crickets for the critters.

I've been playing around with making ribbon roses after I saw a Ribbon Roses tutorial on YouTube.  No matter how hard I try though, I can't get mine to look like hers.  But I like the way mine turned out…maybe it's the kind of ribbon I'm using, not that I'm having trouble following directions!  Maybe I'll make my own tutorial:)

Did you notice my funny "e"?  I ran out of the letter "e" a long time ago!  Actually I was out of the letter "i" as well.  So I cut up 2 unused "j"s – and crossed a "c" with part of one.  Make it do or do without!

I have decided that I will never finish my scrapbooking.  There will always be more photos to make pages with, thoughts to write down…even if I were to stop the world – or even pause my life – for just long enough to get caught up, my life would be long gone before I get could deal with the thousands of photos I've taken.  So I will just have to keep plugging away, one (or two…or three…or four!) photo at a time.  I think that Gena would be sad if I stopped coming into the store, but I really have a lot of stuff to use, as well.  I opened a drawer up to see what I had to use and it was like Christmas!  I need to open up my scrapbook drawers more often!

Easy and fun flowers and one cute little Lizzie!  The Crate Paper *Paper Doll Collection* has those colors that I just love and the patterns worked great with the ribbon flowers I made…before I picked the papers.  It always seems to work out when I do that.  Lucky me…in more than one way!

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2 Responses to A Rose By Any Other Name…

  1. Helen says:

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    I love the subjectJ
    From: TypePad

  2. Liz Naylor says:

    I remember seeing this picture before! As for the outfit and the headband; I am pretty sure those used to be my favorites because I’ve seen them in other pictures before!
    The layout is super cute and I love the roses! As for the “e”, I am sure yours is cuter than the one that originally came with the set!

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