It’s Been 16 Days Since My Last Post…

I’ve never actually gone to confession, not being Catholic and not having done anything serious enough to go to my Bishop about…in recent years, at least…but I’ve seen it enough on television to know that this is what I feel like I am doing right now.  I feel the need to do penance!

It has been surprisingly busy since that last post.  I’ve had visitors and I’ve been trying to get certain things done before I blog again, but I can only see this dragging on for many more days unless I get back into the habit again.  I’ve had some specific projects to do and now they are completed, I can get on with the fun stuff.

A few weeks ago…not sure exactly how long – I loose track of time these days and I’m sure that my daughter will read this and tell me exactly how long ago it was.  Anyway, a while ago, Megan sent me a message regarding this cool new paper line from Graphic 45…Hallowe’en in Wonderland, which I promptly looked up on their website and oh my goodness!  It is so to die for cute!  I promptly passed the message onto Deb, who ordered it for an upcoming kit.  I, of course, couldn’t wait until her order came in, so I called Cool Scrapbook Stuff to see if Gena had ordered it – of course she had.  She has excellent taste!  She called and notified us as soon as it came in – I love that about Cool Scrapbook Stuff!  So we went right down and bought a bunch!  And I finally got to play with it.  We had taken pictures of us wearing the Mad Hatter hats at Disneyland.  The paper is perfect for that.  Anyway, I finally made a layout for fun.
The paper just screams to be dimensionalized, don’t you think?

Curiouser and curiouser!

A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon a blog were the blogger was doing a tutorial on embellished doilies…truly inspirational!  Her name is Christine Middlecamp and the link will take you to her completed doily (actually, they’re Martha Stewart tags) project.  Her style is about 100 times more detailed than mine, but I love it all the more because of her dedication.  My attempts at following her lead are the “Reader’s Digest” version.  The whole process of watching how Christine’s thought process works has definitely got me rethinking how I organize my “stuff”!  I need to be able to find it!

I’ve been spraying my lace with Glimmer Mist again!  I even punched out the Queen of Hearts face and Glossy Accent-ed it to a Making Memory clip…that’s pretty clever for me.

Off with her head…OFF WITH HER HEAD!  Exactly what I did!  That’s a 1/2 inch square punched face, I’ll have you know.

Anyway, I made some cards too, but I’m too tired to photograph them right now.  Maybe I can get that done after I get done with prepping dinner with a couple of friends tomorrow for 70 hungry campers.  Maybe I’ll actually get two posts in one day!  I still need to do that tutorial and I found my needed cord – about 4 days after I went and bought a memory card reader!  Ah…such is life!

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