Trip Down Main Street Memory Lane

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On one of our recent trips to Disneyland, a couple of times ago, Megan found a memo pad that looked like the old tickets that you used to get on the individual rides…I can't decide which I like better since the  passes have gotten so expensive.  I remember when you could get in at a minimal charge and not go on the rides if you didn't want to.  But for now, an annual pass is still the way for me to go…for now!  Anyway, I thought it would be a perfect embellishment for a layout about myself, which I don't do very often.

Imagination sm
I have really enjoyed going to Disneyland over the years - as a child, as a teenager, on my honeymoon, with my children and I look forward to someday going with my grandchildren…when I get some!

I remember being absolutely shocked, but excited the first time I didn't need a stroller at Disneyland.  No having to park it, find it when you got off the ride and hoping that no one stole it while you were gone.  (That happened once at Sea World.)  Things change.  Before long, the kids won't even need me to drive them there!  The kids are funny.  They keep offering to get a wheelchair and push me around Disneyland…someday I might take them up on it!  After all the years I pushed them around, I think it only fair…except for the fact that they were much lighter than I will be.  It's okay – wheelchair wheels are much bigger! 

There have been lots of firsts at Disneyland, specific to Disneyland.  I remember the first time I went to one of their first aid stations…it was actually the same day that Scott ended up in the emergency room and needed surgery on his arm that had gotten infected from scrapped knuckles at work.  I scrapped my leg getting out of a ride in California Adventure.  I cleaned the wound, put antibiotic ointment on it and a BIG bandage.  Scott didn't.  Me…healed right up.  Scott?  Surgery…big time.  I'm all for cleaning up the owies.  Scott likes to make duct tape bandages.  I think he's changed his ways now.  But thankfully, his hand also healed and you can hardly tell anymore.

I remember the first time I bought a bottle of water there.  I almost choked at the price!  I usually bring my own, but I forgot that time.  However, it was a hot day and the drinking fountain just wasn't doing it for me.  That is a first that I have not repeated.  It's not so bad when you don't have to carry around one for everyone in your group!

There are little things that you find out about Disneyland that are fun, like looking for the "hidden" Mickeys or that you can go to any food place with soda on tap and get a free cup of ice and water or that you can refill your soda when you buy your drink at places like the Pizza Port – good info on hot summer days!

It's a great place to learn patience or better still, FLEXIBILITY!  If the line is too long, move on to another ride.  That's much easier to do when you have an annual pass.  The days that are blocked out are blocked out for a reason…it's when the REST of the world is going!  But even standing in line is a great opportunity to get to know one another.  We have brought games (Catch Phrase is great!) for the really long waits (like saving a place for fireworks or the parade) and have even used a locker to ease the burden of hauling some things around all day.  Getting a badge on your birthday will get you lots of birthday greetings and having a "first" trip to Disneyland will get commentary all day as well.  When the food and wine festival comes to California Adventure, GO! 

It is really fun, you can sit and rest in the shade, you get to sample tasty treats from the chefs and you might actually learn something!  I have no idea what goes on with the wine part, but the food is fun!  I'm not kidding…trust me on this one!  We also like to be on a "celebrity" watch…just in case we see someone famous!  Megan is the best at spotting those.

One tidbit of wisdom from someone who isn't as young as they used to be:  if you head home early enough, and I don't mean 6pm because then you'll get stuck in traffic, but by 10 or 11pm, you probably won't be limping your way out to the car.  It's been a long time since I had any small kids going, but don't get impatient if they get a little frazzled – can you imagine walking all day through crowds of giants towering over you?

Here are a few pictures from past family and friend trips!

Seija and Henry on Casey Jr.

Chase and Tom with Goofy at breakfast.

Leaping Lizard!

Megan and Minnie in October…love Disneyland during Halloween!

Mike with the Knobloch's and Paige in the canoe.   

The Connell's, Laura and Hayden and friend.

Christie and Matt on his first visit to Disneyland with Mickey.

Megan is flying with Tom on Dumbo…

While Mike is big enough to ride solo…so low to the ground!


Mike and Tom at Big Thunder.

James and the Giant Chocolate Cake at the Golden Horseshoe Review…making a valiant attempt to finish it! 

Captain EO is back!

Megan H. performing over on the Carnation Gardens stage (I think!), while little brother James has his own performance going on!

I think it's called "break your neck" dancing!

There were days when there were disappointing moments, like the time that we went up for Paige to get an autographed copy of Julie Andrew's autobiography, but they only did the first 200 in line and we barely got a glimpse of JA and it was very sketchy in the picture department…but it was a fun day anyway! 

Mike-and-paigeThe boys were pretty good about waiting in line, as long as there were gates, walls, poles and rocks to climb on.

We love Disneyland for the specialty food  items…like Monte Cristos and turkey drumsticks!


We love to take pictures…

and try on hats…

while taking pictures… 

…pictures of each other.

We find ways to amuse ourselves or keep the little kids happy…


We love learning to draw Disney Characters at the Animation Studio, but we have a long way to go before they'll hire us!

We keep forgetting to bring our erasers!

Jesse gets into character! 
Liz and Garrett resting.

Megan, Grandma N., Christian and Jake at Big Thunder.

Dad participating…and having fun!

Jake and Goofy think alike!

Christie and Mary Poppins…okay, her helper!   (Julie doesn't hang around here very often!)  

I couldn't even find the pictures of my Mom and Katie!  I could go on forever…I have thousands of pictures!  But for now, I'd just like to say good-bye and…

…thanks for the memories!


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