So That Memories Don’t Get Lost

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Photos are one of those things that help to keep memories alive.  Looking at a photo from your past, either recent or distant, can somehow transport you back to a moment in time. 

I remember these two boys, so many years ago.  They used to be small.  Now, they not only got older but they tower over their mom!  I miss the little guys, but at the same time, I love my big boys!  I can't have it both ways, so these pictures are a quick visit to the past.

We don't get frequent visits from Nancy and the family, but I sure love it when we do!  I remember that day well.  Nancy, sitting on the couch, pulling in Kaleigh a little closer for the shot.  The boys were off playing, probably a computer or Xbox game, but the girls always sit and visit.  

The waters of the Pacific Ocean are a little chilly in May in La Jolla.  But when you used to live in wonderful San Diego, but have moved to Nampa, Idaho, and come to visit in May, you just can't miss the opportunity to go the familiarity of the sand and surf at your old hang-out.  The kids would run out into the water and play for a while, then they would need to come back to shore and bundle up in towels to get warm.  I don't know the exact date, but Ken and Terri and the kids were here around Cinco de Mayo, because there were pictures on the same file of the fair at the elementary school.

This photo was quite recent.  My cute little niece Jillian, and nephews Zach and Sam stepped outside a family wedding reception.  Jillian and Zach like to pose, but Sam is another story!  I'm lucky if I can get him to look at me, let alone hold still and smile!  But he's a cutie anyway!

I love my pictures because they remind me how much I love subjects!

(Papers by Fancy Pants!) 

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