You Will Have to See it to Believe It!!!

May 12, 10 • A Funny Thing...2 Comments

No, this isn't a fancy, x-treme sport video, a darling paper project or a death-defying feat…or IS it?  Tell me right now, how many of you would venture to drink a dairy product that was dated to use by "Feb-27-10"?  That's right!  Today, May 12th, 2010, I found the empty carton in the trash and a dirty glass in the sink.  Land O Lakes Holiday Classic Eggnog, made with milk from cows not treated with rBST (whatever the heck THAT is!) Perhaps it was the way our frig outside is just a little colder than most (can't put fresh produce or eggs in it – it will freeze them).  Maybe it is because it was "ultra pasteurized".  It a personal family best record for eating out of date items, at least in the refrigerated department!

This is one of the hazards of having a second refrigerator that resides outside in the garage.  We bought the eggnog after Christmas, but before the expiration date.  It was marked down, clearanced, at Costco and we bought 2 packs of 2 cartons for $2.99 each.  It was a really good deal, but one of the cartons got buried, so we didn't find it before it had expired.  And then it got buried again before we got it out to the trash.  And THEN, my husband found it.  AND THEN, he poured a little into a glass to try it.  AND THEN HE POURED A BIG GLASS AND DRANK IT!  He didn't get sick, so Mike started drinking it.  The rest of us were skeptical (I'm not that into eggnog, or nog of the egg as Scott likes to call it!), so we let them finish it. 

The good news is that no one has shown any signs of illness…yet.  The bad news is that this eggnog probably contains some rare bacteria that clings to the stomach lining and festers for weeks before causing any problems.  We quite rarely (knock on wood) get sick, especially with tummy troubles, so I have decided that our family must have CAST IRON STOMACHS!  But if something does show up, weeks down the road, you'll know where to find us…in Boston, hanging with our favorite Dr. House.  We will know right what direction to point him – Land O Lakes 74-day expired eggnog.  No, kids…don't try this at home!

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2 Responses to You Will Have to See it to Believe It!!!

  1. Helen says:

    Is that a question? If so, yes dear. Here’s a lesson…check for expiration dates. However, you didn’t die, so I guess it wasn’t toxic, my little toxic avenger:)

  2. Michael says:

    That was expired……

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