Thai Cooking Class…Relief Society Style!

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I always love having Relief Society activities (aka Enrichment, or if you go back farther…Homemaking!).  We have a variety of different themes, from baking to sewing, food storage to recycling…whatever has been determined of interest or help to the ladies in our ward.  During a conversation with Brother R., he was raving about a wonderful Thai meal he enjoyed with Kay (Porama) and Jesse, Kay doing the cooking.  Word had spread to Jill as well.  So we thought it might be fun to have a Thai cooking class.  Little did we know that we were in for more than just a taste of Thai cooking…we were treated to a Thai feast!  We wanted it to be a hands-on class so that we could not only help with the cooking, but actually learn how to do it.  I am not by any means an expert, but I got enough instruction to at least get an idea of what some of those strange cooking supplies are and how to incorporate them into the meal.



Fa gave a thumbs up…even though she was a little fuzzy!
We started with dessert first.  I won't go into great detail, because we were each involved at different cooking stations with me at the stove with the Coconut Cream, which went with sugar and salt into the sticky sweet rice.  Some was reserved and made into a thicker Cream Sauce that was drizzled over the sweet sticky rice.  There were also some wrapped and fried bananas and then served with pineapple mango ice cream. 


Kay is all about presentation!  I learned how to properly peel and cut up a mango…by watching the other ladies since I was busy with the stove.

Next was a coconut cream based soup…I have no idea what it was called or how to spell it, but just take a look at it and know that is was delicious!


The last item of the night was Pad Thai Chicken Pad-Thai-Chicken-2
– spicy and wonderful!

All I can say is that no one should have left hungry and I certainly left very inspired and ready to be more adventurous in the kitchen!  To anyone who forgot, you missed a lot of fun.  To those that couldn't come, this will be hard to top.  To Kay…you are an awesome cook and sweet lady and I hope you have recouperated.  To Kim…thank you for sharing your fabulous kitchen with us.  You are a gracious hostess and we will get you to the activities any way possible. To everyone privileged enough to attend, it was bon apetite!


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